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  1. A bit offtopic my reply, but I personally, as a non beginner hated the Dynamic Difficulty (DD). I think it is just not so good. It is better to slow down the chart in practice mode and practice what is written in the chart. However, I do not know, that in the Database they got information about with DD or without DD. Maybe not. Maybe Customs Forge Song Manager can add you missing DDs. But I am not sure in this, because never used that option in CFSM.
  2. If I click somewhere on the Artist an artist page will be shown like this: Mick Gordon https://ignition4.customsforge.com/artist/6723 It would be great if there would be an option to add the artist as preferred or loved! And on the CDLC page would be also great if we could do the same with the artist!
  3. It would be great if we would see also the artist on the Notification page: Thank you!
  4. If I log in, I see on the top right this At mouse over it states "9 active reports" and "11 notfications". If I click on the flag this will be shown: New Reports is not clickable. But Why do I have 9 new reports? I think this is actually all reports. If I click "All Reports ->" This completely empty screen will be shown: So...where are my reports? I would like to know what happened what I reported (over RS Playlist mostly). Can you please clear this up? Thank you!
  5. It would be great if we could set for the songs and/or for the artist the origin, language or country and search according to that property. This way for example I could search for Russian or Hungarian songs or artist on CF. It would be great if NOT only one option could be added as maybe the the artist in the band or the song language differs sometimes. Or the band is half Austrian half Russian like Russkaja. (I hope I wrote this request to the correct place!)
  6. Hi! Maybe I can help you in backend part if needed as this is my main job to do in private life. Drop me a message if I could help you! Cheers: kozaka
  7. Hi! I would like to send you some tiny feature requests here for rsplaylist if I may! 1) For normal viewers if they log in over twitch twitch, they should be able to add a request as the streamer can do. The most important part is here, to have the auto complete function for them also. Also they should edit or delete they requests. They are like having always trouble with the requests in my stream, especially new viewers do. 2) It would be nice if we could set the colors of the list as we wish. I add the playlist as a Browser source to OBS but want to have it visible like with transparent background (chroma filter) and red text color and some other font. I could not find an easy way to do this. 3) Have a button to drop one song to the end of the list. In case somebody is not present for example, but I do not want to delete this request, rather than I will just drop it to the bottom. (I know that this is possible with drag and drop). Or if it would go with one command would be also very good. Or...maybe park it somewhere? And if the viewer comes back, jumps back to the bottom of the list....idk. 4) In Channel Settings, on the Requests tab would be nice to have some some possibilities to select/deselect all tunings. Select/deselect all standard tunings. Like Select only Standards. Select only X Drop Y-ns. If I do not want to like switch my floydrose guitar for an hour or on the stream but do not want to deselect each the standard and Celtic tuning manually. 5) A bigger one...If there is no easy solution for that. Integration with other bots like Steramelements, Stream labs or Twitch to be able to use collected viewer points (Twitch channel points) to have a request. Means only viewers, who collected X points via watching my stream should be able to have requests (except VIPs). Idk that this is the best place to send feature requests like this, but I hope you get it and it could be realized sooner or later. If there is some kind of Thank you: kozaka
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