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  1. Chrome browser, latest. If I click on edit, I just can not edit sometimes my comment...or I mean, I can edit, but there is no submit button to save my changes. If I hit enter, it jumps our, but do not saves anything. It is like cancel.
  2. I wonder, it would be maybe a good feature, to add an new option for each chart to hide. Not only Hide Artist or Hide Creator. Just hide a chart what you do not like, or think it is bad, and do not want to be listed in searches? Like: Many times, there is a newer version of a chart what is better, so I do not wanna see the old version anymore. Or there is a newer chart, but the old one was better (like L, R, B, V is in the old chart, but in the new only L...what I do not like). This way we could just hide unwanted charts. The question is, what if, I hide one chart, but the charter drops out a newer version of the chart what I would like. I think maybe a notification could be dropped, or the hide should be then gone, to be able to check the new chart. Thank you!
  3. It would be great, if we could get notifications about: new or updates of a CDLC from your preferred artist new or updates of a CDLC of your loved creator This way we could no miss any new CDLC from our loved creator or band.
  4. It would be nice to have an autocomplete on fields of upload like: Artist Song Title Album (Year ?) This way we could avoid the duplicated but slightly different band or song names problem.
  5. Duration and year: I think to allow not to enter duration of a song at upload time is not the best. It would be better if it would be mandatory. Also the year is mentioned in the guideline, and I think that could be also mandatory. (Why just recommended?) This means, in the CDLC itself, year is kind of a must, but not the duration. But duration is an important information for streamers, if they do not want to play longer songs, or full albums. Later, the requests could be more filtered. Creator: Please add an advice, that Creator should be added to the file, and the default Custom Song Creator should be not valid! Also, the file name should contains the creator: DLC key name should be also included into the guideline, as this could be also a duplicate. Artist_Song_version_creator would be here also nice! Those ones are important to avoid duplicates, and the struggle, with the 'which one from three different versions is the bad what I would like to report'. Because many cases, I do not know, which one is the bad version. That I have downloaded, or not. Country: It would be great, if you could add an optional country field for the uploads, to know, which country the artist are from, or...maybe better said, on which language the song is written. It would be great if autocomplete or similar could help here, and please do allow more languages to set for multilingual bands/songs. This way, later we could enhance the search by language. To find songs from smaller countries like Hungary. Preview Volume: The preview volume should differ from the song volume. In many cases, they just don't care. And the preview is very loud if you scroll over the songs. Reports: It would be great, if somebody reports a song what is older than the new guideline, that then, for the reupload the creator should follow the new guidelines. This should be also mentioned in the guideline.
  6. The search could not find a song if you make a search like: "Cynic - Humanoid" or "Cynic-Humanoid" This is how everybody is requesting a song in the chat of a streamer or how it is going in RS Playlist. It would be great if this would work also! Thank you!
  7. If I download a song over RS Playlist, or Discord link, after a download, the song will be not added to my collection. I can remember, that this worked before. Maybe I am wrong. But if I have right, then this is a bug. Not in collection After download still not in collection: Only if I click on the main page to the download icon will be added to the collection.
  8. I just opened the front page, entered into the search: Trivium-Declaration Then I get this error:
  9. I got an extra idea to here what may be useful or even useless who knows In case, from a song, lets say there is 3 different charts and one is added to my collection. I would like to know, that there is some other charts also from the song. To decide to download maybe the other version.
  10. I reported one song over RS Playlist (link broken), and I did not saw under the reports page: Because I do not remember normally, which one I report (just could maybe re watch my stream), I do not know, that is the reported chart fixed or not. And I would like to see also the closed reports....all reports from me. Because I would like to follow up the solution. Is a new version uploaded? Was the broken link fixed? Is the chart gone forever? Ok, if it is added to my collection, maybe I get an update in case a new version is uploaded. But this is not always the solution. It would be great, if we could check the situation somehow! Thank you!
  11. Yeah....I wrote an app in Python for that loading according to the request from RS playlist. It will be released soon. For that, I need the connection of a CDLC ID and the file name. Otherwise it will not work. I think I will build up a database service, where we store and manage that connection. I do live testing of my app, and it works so well: I have 0 CDLC loaded in my game. My downloaded song file names are loaded into the app from CFSM If somebody request a song on RS Playlist, the app looks up the song in the database, and gets the file name if I downloaded it already if it is found, the app gets the file from my CDLC archive directory and loads via Sniffer/CFSM into the game (during I play some other song) If it is not downloaded, I have to download it, but then again it will be loaded automatically by my app + Sniffer/CFSM But, this way, to load a new CDLC in the game takes seconds. Always!
  12. In some cases I still get this empty popup for some charts. One time I got this: I will for sure not disable script (adv) blocking. I can just think, that Youtube try to avoid adblocker plugin in Chrome. Also, I do not allow cookies except the necessary ones...maybe this is also a problem. Idk. I tried to turn it off and on again, but does not helped Joking... Here, I can see the video: But then here, it is empty: I turned ABP (Ad Block Plus) off, but did not helped.
  13. On the main page of Ignition4 I downloaded some songs, with the add button: So, it is added to the collection. But then, if I click on the Artist name (Moana in this case), on the next page, it shows, that I did not add to my collection, what is wrong: However, the problem exists only, if I click on the second (or last one) like this: If I click the first, the filter is ok!
  14. Yes, I saw also the problem, thought I report the bug today...but it is fixed already! Thank you for the quick fix!
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