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  1. Thank you very much, it's working for me now. Good luck
  2. Tried different browsers, different computers and also incognito mode. I'm using chrome. Always the same. I'll try to record how it looks.
  3. Yep tried everything multiple times. It always resets to 2 collumns for some reason... I don't think it's my "stupidity" haha Or maybe it is I just don't know it yet. I have had this issue for months nothing I tried works. Resolution 1920x1080
  4. same here + my issue was never resolved :D
  5. My Ignition is always stuck like this for the past few weeks. I can manually show the columns, but every time I refresh the page it goes back to this. I feel I've tried every setting I could - I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm just missing something...
  6. Happy Birthday Shiroo!

  7. Happy Birthday Shiroo!

  8. where's the heart button :O :D <3
  9. I will start working on the entire album once it’s out officially :) @@Kiscsak98 Great to hear that mate <3 I have so much work this past year I haven't really been able to make any songs (fuck). But I'm really grateful you'd do it, can't wait to play some of these ! BLOCKADES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. of course :) I don't have much time right now, but of course I plan to do the songs ;)
  11. Do I smell some playthrough coming maybe :) :) :) ?
  12. Oi ! another song of mine here again ! Love to provide ;) Hope you're enjoying Amore guys. As always I'll be happy as fuck with some playthrough ^_^ Cheers
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