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  1. It's on my list. I was gifted a Peavy Deuce VT 212 amp a little over 20 years ago that worked really well for some time but probably ~15 years ago the volume started cutting down about 50% every now and then. If I left it on for awhile it would work fine and then it started happening more and more so I figured the tubes were busted, replaced them and had no change in behaviour so it just sort of just moved around with me and I didn't play it. Probably about 5 years ago I seriously thought of refurbishing it because chances are over the 40 years it's been floating around some capacitor or whatnot probably popped so I can just do a rundown of everything and see what's burnt out, broken, etc. but life keeps getting in the way. Really it's showing its age and I would like to fully redo it, so polish up the hardware, re-tolex it or whatever (I've seen projects where they left it as wood and while those people were very happy with it I thought they looked really bad), and maybe even something bigger but since it's been 5 years with me getting as far as dragging it into my workshop we'll see what ends up happening on that front.
  2. So finally got a chance to actually play the songs the tiniest bit. Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues - So from what other people said, it's true that the timing is off. Originally I chalked the "off" feeling to it just being the first time I've played the song but definitely feels like there's no time/beat changes in the chart. Iron Maiden - Seventh Son - I haven't played much Iron Maiden on bass in some time but I can definitely do better than this, just not in the timeframe of a week. My gallop muscles aren't where they used to be at all (I try to stick to I-I-M when doing gallops, once you get used to it it feels much better than I-M-I, but definitely took me awhile to get the groove down completely).
  3. @ Mikson I did miss attributing the requests, that's been corrected. Got myself a bit out of sorts trying to update the song list and ended up needing a song to fit in to everything and completely forgot about checking who made the requests beforehand. I'll do a better job of checking that stuff out in the future. I also switched the beginner and bonus bass songs there, there wasn't really any decision making gone into that order, I just had Scorpions on the list first and Papa Roach came second so it just became my bonus by default. @ jellisjenius That's my bad, I do generally look at the newer versions of the songs, but since the request was made in the spreadsheet by Nacholede I just assumed it was that version being referenced. That request might have been on there for awhile. I did update to that version in the original post but I did keep the original link for posterity's sake. I'm very sorry @ nlbsmglsk but I hope you wouldn't mind giving Seventh Son another try with the updated version. Also, if you really want to get used to bass power chords the Steve Harris way, pretty much every album Iron Maiden released in the 2000s features a crapton of them. Any song off the Brave New World album (IIRC Ghost of the Navigator and the title track are both good examples of this).
  4. Leaderboards not updated yet. Tried to do a 420 theme week since it was something brought up but couldn't get the right mix of songs for the difficulties to make a whole list, threw a couple in there though. Thanks for the suggestions @ nlbsmglsk
  5. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 421 =- FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners Lead: Beginner: @ m_verd Intermediate: @ Balage1976 Advanced: @ Mikson Masterclass: @ Jakobgreve Rhythm: Beginner: @ LacrimaLuna Intermediate: @ Banjoclan Advanced: @ diceslinger Masterclass: @ nlbsmglsk Bass: Beginner: @ Cultofsolar Beginner Bonus: @ LacrimaLuna Intermediate: @ illum1naut Intermediate bonus: @ KJParsley Advanced: @ Mikson Masterclass: @ nlbsmglsk God of Bass: @ nlbsmglsk Congrats to all winners. Well done! Rocksmith Championship Leaderboard This week's songs are: Lead Path: Beginner: Scorpions - When The Smoke Is Going Down (3.5) (Requested by @ Mikson ) Intermediate: Papa Roach - Falling Apart (5) (Pitch-shifted Drop D Version) (Also requested by @ Mikson , my bad) Advanced: Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues (6) (Requested by @ Toni-Wan Kenobi ) Advanced Bonus: Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf (6) (Suggested by @ nlbsmglsk ) Masterclass: Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (9) (Requested by @ Nacholede ) (Updated CDLC to a newer version, original link) 420 Bonus: Sleep - Dopesmoker (Special 63 minute long song addition for this week) (Suggested by @ nlbsmglsk ) . Rhythm Path: Beginner: Papa Roach - Falling Apart (3) (Pitch-shifted Drop D Version) Intermediate: Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues (4) Advanced: Scorpions - When The Smoke Is Going Down (7.5) Masterclass: Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (9) (Updated CDLC to a newer version, original link) . Bass Path: Beginner: Papa Roach - Falling Apart (4) (Pitch-shifted Drop D Version) Beginner Bonus: Scorpions - When The Smoke Is Going Down (2) Intermediate: Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues (5) Advanced: Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf (8) Masterclass: Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (9) (Updated CDLC to a newer version, original link) 420 Bonus: Sleep - Dopesmoker (Special 63 minute long song addition for this week) . You can submit your song suggestions for the championship here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HzgY90kLwyGqzJ-R64v8lmpeQMMhhxwGwUlenepIgms/edit#gid=6 . Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10). . Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police: 2groggy Let us know your opinions on the accuracy of the difficulty scores (1-10) for this weeks songs.
  6. Hey, sorry for the zero notice, but I'll be posting the new week in just a few minutes so any scores posted after this won't be included in determining top scores.
  7. @ Mikson Hey, sorry, had some stuff happen this week that was less than good and haven't had a chance to really play guitar or visit the site much. Last week was all home renovations so I've been mostly out of the loop there for a couple weeks. Honestly, I'm not really your guy for stoner or psychedelic music, which considering how much weed I smoke is something that maybe I would want to get around to fixing. Most songs that I know that fit that theme are either already ODLC or aren't CDLC. So our options here are: 1. Everyone throw out some suggestions and we can see what sticks. 2. Someone with more knowledge picks it up for this week, I'll make an extra week up in the near future. 3. Just do a regular week. Personally I wish I could just do it because I actually really like theme weeks and would like to put one together.
  8. Got some playing in today. Bit of a mix in the uploads, I kept forgetting to take captures of my tries in other songs for whatever reason today. Dig - Bass I Want To Know What Love Is - Lead (I'm really bad at triads, getting better but should have been able to do better for a beginner song) Call Me a Dog - Lead I Want To Know What Love Is - Bass (Loved playing this, will definitely be playing it more for fun) Jawbreaker - Rhythm Couple screenshots have some performance info from me doing some testing where some bottlenecks on my game are coming from.
  9. Time zones being what they are I'm probably too late. 11 minutes too long but there's The Color Out of Space, it's a Nic Cage movie on Netflix in most places I do believe and it's based on the HP Lovecraft story. Me and the wife watched Werewolves Within recently. It's not overly gory but it's a decent werewolf horror/comedy (the comedy in this case is more a reflection on the character personalities and the degree to which they deal with the situation and less so with there just being jokes thrown about). Nobody is a John Wick-esque movie staring Bob Odenkirk of all people. It's just him getting the shit kicked out of him for 90 minutes but just not stopping. What We Do in the Shadows is a recommendation I try to always make, it's a vampire comedy, it's gained some popularity because the TV show has gotten quite popular over its three seasons, but if you haven't seen any of it I really suggest to watch the movie first as it explores the movies general conceit quite well but also it's a lot more understated than the TV show and doesn't feel quite as good when you go back to it. that's more a reflection on how good the TV show is than any comment on the movie.
  10. I spent about 10 years ( from ages ~17-27) being one hell of a metal elitist, I definitely have spent a lot of time insulting pretty good bands as fucking terrible (sorry The Beatles) and honestly I probably still will because that's just my nature. The last 10+ years has seen me mellow a lot, I still largely listen only to metal but I appreciate a lot more music and one of my favorite bands is a power pop band that I really need to get around to chart some songs for (The Posies). I will pick up a ball you dropped there and say that I honestly think The Pixies are a terrible band. They are incredibly influential and some artists I truly respect love them but I have a visceral reaction to their music that I cannot describe nor explain and I don't see how they appeal to anyone. I can acknowledge the legacy they hold but can still be confounded by it. I think my growing up here is that I can dislike a band without insulting the people that like them directly, just indirectly by digging at something they like. I think 311 fits this same mold for me, they're super influential, been around forever, and yet, garbage. Go figure
  11. Just to throw a molotov out there, Nickelback > Incubus (not knocking anyone that likes Incubus but I've not heard a single song by them I've liked and there's like 3 Nickelback songs I like, but since I'm in Canada I also heard the band before they became wildly famous and started writing the same song over and over). I'm hoping to get some scores in this week. Last week my family came down with some sort of death plague (was worried it was covid, it still won't actually go away and I could barely move, but it's not) and I couldn't pick up a guitar let alone play one and this week I took vacation for home renovations which with being so sick last week is taking much more time than it should since I didn't get to prep anything.
  12. Slightly better rhythm score ( @ Daz40 I haven't participated in Rhythm in the championship yet. I would be in either Intermediate or Advanced, probably Advanced really) Got a better on the lead here, just had to get used to jumping to the soloy part.
  13. I'll look at updating the leaderboards later today, pretty sure I flaked on that whole part tbh.
  14. Okay, hopefully past week's winners are all updated and good. Here's my updates for this week so far. I'm getting a bit of weird interference with my main guitar, seems to be throwing the note recognition off a tiny bit. Pretty sure it's a loose connection so I think I can tighten these numbers up some. I tried to practice the Soundgarden song but turns out end of the day I don't really like it, so I'll focus on the ones I do. BGM20 good 4 u Vacant Planets
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