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  1. where's the heart button :O :D <3
  2. I will start working on the entire album once it’s out officially :) @@Kiscsak98 Great to hear that mate <3 I have so much work this past year I haven't really been able to make any songs (fuck). But I'm really grateful you'd do it, can't wait to play some of these ! BLOCKADES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. of course :) I don't have much time right now, but of course I plan to do the songs ;)
  4. Do I smell some playthrough coming maybe :) :) :) ?
  5. Oi ! another song of mine here again ! Love to provide ;) Hope you're enjoying Amore guys. As always I'll be happy as fuck with some playthrough ^_^ Cheers
  6. And where's the playthrough Noony ? :P :P :o
  7. not to be the party pooper but this is very very old version of the song :P
  8. @@Mortalo What ??? :D Noone has forgotten me !
  9. @@cozy1 it works perfectly now ! Thank you very much for the help :)
  10. @@Alex360 I made the same steps I do with every CDLC. Here is the newest file folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wkt0ep3hjqbabye/Muse%20-%20House%20Of%20The%20Rising%20Sun_2_0.rar?dl=0
  11. @@cozy1 did try the newest toolkit 4733bc88. It still doesn't work. Also I did run the xmls through the newest EOF and still no luck :/
  12. Im not home at the moment. I will let you know in a few days. Thanks so much
  13. @@cozy1 I'm not sure why it wasn't in the rar. But I updated it. New psarc files, all the XML. Everything used was the latest version, EOF and toolkit too. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbj430z59fpwou1/Muse%20-%20House%20Of%20The%20Rising%20Sun.rar?dl=0
  14. I've made over 90 customs and I have never experienced a thing like this. The CDLC worked fine, then I reworked the whole thing and since then it crashes over and over again. Tried to change the tones, opened chart in new EOF. Made new project in EOF. I rephrased it, fucked around with tech notes and after 2 months I don't really know what to do with it. Updated Toolkit didn't help, Updated EOF didn't help. If anyone figures something out, please do tell ! DOWNLOAD
  15. I thought so too about B & H, but I definitely have only one version there. It's probably a mistake on my end, feel free to Approve it. The Haarp is only for sorting reasons, I want the look in the game to be clean :) Please do the arrangement for Soaked :) ^_^ It's only a plus. Also Soaked and Man of Mystery still don't have updated covers, neither on the site, nor in the game ;)
  16. @@BHMath Escape - approved Falling Down - vocals missing, after you fix it's approved Falling Away With You - approved Psycho w/ Drill Sergeant - approved Resistance - approved Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist - approved The Groove - approved Showbiz - approved Butterflies and Hurricanes - I have bug there. But I'm not sure how. You probably don't, so it's maybe my fault: http://i.imgur.com/ybd9zwA.jpg Also you should probably Write it like this Butterflies & Hurricanes (HAARP) + The B-Side covers: http://i.imgur.com/Z4VoQdJ.jpg
  17. Soaked and Man of Mystery have old COVER for approved. Please change this. I reworked the cover both the normal and approved too. Download here. FOR THE GAME: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ex8encz2z6enre0/b-sides2.png?dl=0 FOR THE SITE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mosy9i9l5ia8apw/b-sides1.png?dl=0 Also I sent TIRO covers too ;) I'll check all of the other songs too :) In search everysong of yours is approved :P By the cover. Is it really the case ? :D
  18. @@BHMath Tested all the songs, here's my feedback. MOST OF THE SONGS, have low quality cover in game. Lot's of them are approved, but please fix the covers. Please use those I have in my dropbox. Mainly the Hullabaloo songs have poor quality. I UPDATED THE COVER FOR B-SIDE PLEASE USE THE NEW ONE FROM MY DROPBOX. Butterflies & Hurricanes - I'm not sure if I tested the new version but there seem to be million sections. It totally looked like the previous version. Also, there should be an indication in the name that this is HAARP, or Live At Wembley, or whatever. HAARP cover quality is bad on site and also in the game Host - Lovely to play. APPROVED Minimum - DDC is all level, but I suppose you can't affect that. Great song. APPROVED New Born - Everything good here. APPROVED Showbiz - The tone for the main riff 9 - 11 on A string seems to silent for me. The one with WAH. It's barely hearable. If you fix it it's approved. Yes Please - Fucking awesome CDLC. APPROVED. Terrible album cover quality. The Groove - The tone doesn't have enough treble for me. Maybe I'm wrong. That's the only wrong thing I think. Album cover, poor quality. Map Of Your Head - APPROVED. Please change the cover. The Gallery - APPROVED. Con-Science - APPROVED. Use the cover of Minimum. Man Of Mystery - APPROVED. Please use the cover from the Dropbox. It's updated. Both approved cover and CDLC cover. Hullabaloo: Bliss - Everything good. APPROVED. Only one note doesn't link "next to" after the main "riff" on G string, slide from 3(?) to 5 Uno - APPROVED Soaked - APPROVED. Use please the space B-side cover. Here are the links for the covers to use. FOR THE SITE: HERE FOR THE SITE (NON APPROVED): HERE FOR ROCKSMITH GAME: HERE
  19. Updated the Kimi link ! Thanks again to @@JokerTheAnarchist PS: Playthrough maybe ? ^_^
  20. yeah sure. The song is way beyond my level so I can't really test it that much, especially the solo. I'll send some files.
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