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  1. Thanks for your interest! :) Unfortunately, I'm a bit busy lately and quality CDLCs take a lot of time to create. I will consider making Moral Panic (or other NBT customs) when I have the time.
  2. I'm considering to do some of the songs but I can't promise anything at the moment. I was thinking about Good News, Escape demo and Recess alternate version.
  3. Dig Down update V.2.0 update change log - minor changes in lead arrangement - lead arrangement tuning is now CGCGBE - changed album art
  4. Only two more songs to go and ST is completely done! Dig Down (fixes only) The Void
  5. Thought Contagion Update 2.0 change log - minor changes in the lead/rhythm arrangements - changed album art
  6. Simulation Theory tab book just arrived recently! I will start making the CDLCs shortly!
  7. Updates on Simulation Theory CDLCs: Muse have released the official songbook for the album which I will order soon. That is when I will start working on the CDLCs. Have a nice day/evening!
  8. I will start working on the entire album once it’s out officially :)
  9. Not me. This is the first Muse song that I will refuse to make. I like it when Muse tries different styles and all but this is just a plain bad song to me :/
  10. I don’t know the exact reason either why that one muse song was left out. Personally I was just too lazy to make it even though I prefer that version over the acoustic one. Maybe one day it will be created but I can’t guarantee it at the moment.
  11. @@BHMath yep. At first I thought it was going to be the usual Stockholme outro jam. It surprised me. They did a similar thing last year at Shepard’s Bush Empire after New Born.
  12. I loved it very much! It’s so good to see old songs being played live again. There were two songs which surprised me very much. 1. Eternally Missed 2. Space Dementia. Incredible concert. I hope that they’ll do similar concerts like this more often.
  13. Here's my feedback.Hard to be critical, fun to play, and great tones. The fingering could be looked at if you're that way inclined.Loved the whammy part. How do you manage the fast tone switching without any sound glitches?Thanks for the work you put into this. :)I was surprised myself at the accuracy of the whammy tones, I didn’t expect them to be so clean. Could you explain what do you mean by the fingering? I forgot what I put. Maybe it’s incorrect. Didn’t notice. I’m glad you liked the custom :)
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