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  1. Happy Birthday chrisd1023!

  2. Happy Birthday chrisd1023!

  3. I purchased a song bundle of 3 songs and 2 are showing up but the other isn't . I've restarted Rocksmith several times but it's never there. All 3 are by the same artist and I listed songs by artist and did a song search just to be sure I wasn't overlooking it. Strange how it's showing up (both m_psarc and p_psarc files @1,784kbs) right next to the other 2 songs in my dlc folder and in CF song manager but won't load into the game. Steam shows all 3 songs as being installed. Anyone else ever had this issue? The song is Eyes of a Stranger by Queensryche....
  4. I had the same problem, then I downloaded the CustomForge song manager from the tools tab above in the forum, After opening that, check the box that says Validate D3DX9_42.dll........my CDLCs worked after doing that....good luck
  5. I was having this issue too and to resolve it I downloaded the Custom Forge Song Manager. After opening that up I noticed in the log at the bottom of the screen it said the D3DX9_42.dll file wasn't validated. I clicked the box on the right that says...Validate D3DX9_42.dll and wa-la ....all the cdlcs finally work again! Give that a try....
  6. Ok, I just listened again and the tone is working just barely audible. I'm gonna crank up the volume in RS Toolkit and I'm set.
  7. I have a song with 2 tones in it and during playback it says it's doing the change but I can't hear the 2nd tone. I already checked the volume in the toolkit and it was high enough. After the silent tone plays it changes back to my default and that one works fine. I made sure the names are the same in EOF and the toolkit so I'm sort of stuck. One thing that I noticed is when I check the arrangement the disable tone slot changes to prevent auto tone fail box reverts back to being checked even when I uncheck it. Any ideas why it would do that?
  8. I made a cdlc, played it through and everything looks to be in sync but then at the end of the song there are still notes to be played even though the music has stopped. About 2 measures to be exact. Just sounds weird playing them in silence. I've noticed this on some other songs I have downloaded as well and was curious as to how you would fix this. I suppose I could just delete the notes. Anyone else had to correct this?
  9. I was playing Separate Ways by Journey and came upon a chord pane showing an open low E string and a note on the 2nd fret of the D string. I know I'm new at this but this seems almost impossible to play without striking the string in between. Rocksmith gave me credit for hitting the note but I struck all 3 strings. I was thinking maybe that chord was tabbed incorrectly. I looked in the chord library on the game and didn't see this one listed but did see a few other chords such as C aug where you have to play "around" a string. Do you mute it somehow or strum and maneuver around it without hitting it? It's bugging me so I thought I would ask.
  10. Man this syncing the notes thing is tedious but I guess if you want a quality custom it is very necessary. Seems like it should be closer, the 1st few measures were almost dead on then it gradually starting getting off beat and steam rolled off course. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'll keep at it and see what develops. Thanks again for the vid.
  11. A few months ago I too had this issue and it seems it occurred after downloading and playing CDLCs. I added 3 songs and didn't have any problems while playing them but the next time I opened up RS I received the corrupt file message and lost everything. I fixed that and deleted the 3 songs from the folder and haven't had any more issues since. At the time I had probably less than 50 CDLCs in my library so I don't think it's a capacity thing.
  12. Thanks a lot Snake. I'm going to attempt making a CDLC now!
  13. yes, I seem to have a gp3 file, I renamed it gp5 and it shows now. Thank you very much!
  14. I'm attempting to make a CDLC and after I import the guitar pro tab into EOF I only get a few notes showing up at the beginning of the song then it goes blank for the remainder. It seems to be a legit tab as I can view the entire song in guitar pro 6 so I'm not sure what the problem is. Anyone ever ran into this before?
  15. I reinstalled RS and deleted 3 CDLCs that I had added around the time I started having the problem and haven't had anymore issues for a few weeks now. Thanks for all the info.
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