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  1. No Buddy Holly in a 50's 3-pack. Therefore, ipso facto, a Buddy Holly 5-pack is coming our way. That's my hope and theory and I'm sticking to it.
  2. Just kicked in a few more bucks. Looking at the users of CF earlier, there were 125 people online, 18 of which were marked as contributing in some way (donator, magna charter, mod, developer, admin, etc.) Not all charters have a particular color right now, so I don't know how many "charters in white" there were, but 18/125 comes to about 14%. Even if 18 charters in white are assumed, 36/125 is still less than 3 out of 10 who have contributed charts/money/time/effort. My point being, if you spend much time on the site and/or download more than a few songs, please consider contributing of either
  3. Oh. As Emily Nitella would say, "Never mind."
  4. Speaking of uses for donations and future costs: I've come across this... Website you were trying to visit was disabled for 5 minutes, because it received over 20% of total server requests. It means that this website was using over 20% of processor resources, which is above allowed limit. Website was temporary disabled to protect server from overloading and other websites on server. Please try again in 5 minutes. ...a couple of times when trying to access the CDLC Search site. Not complaining, just pointing out that CF may soon outgrow its current server setup/agreement/limits. As always,
  5. Loving the new site and CDLC spreadsheet, great job all. I'm curious about all the currency conversion charges in the donations/charges spreadsheet. Like the recent donations of 3.49,14.06,4.45 and 9.26 and immediate currency conversion charges for the same amounts. It appears as if the entire donation was eaten up by the charge to convert it. Considering how commonplace converting currencies is these days it doesn't seem as if it would be such a large expense, I'm not alleging or implying anything untoward is afoot, just curious about what's going on there. Thanks again for getting this
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