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  1. A couple of weeks ago the shoulder of my fretting hand started bothering me. I didn't think too much about it, just figured I'd tweaked it somehow. Well, it didn't go away and I eventually realized it's injured/inflamed because of the way I have to hold the guitar/bass while playing in my office chair. Because it has non-movable integrated arms, I'm forced to keep my elbow and arm at an unnatural position on the outside of the chair. Your body can deal with some of that nonsense, but if you play too much with an unnatural position like that you will injure yourself. Since I realized the problem I've been sitting on a large pillow to elevate myself above the arms. More generally, be aware of how you hold your guitar and avoid bad habits or positions that will lead to injury.
  2. No Buddy Holly in a 50's 3-pack. Therefore, ipso facto, a Buddy Holly 5-pack is coming our way. That's my hope and theory and I'm sticking to it.
  3. Yeah, tried both patches and the other workaround, but it didn't work for some reason. A fresh install worked when I was able to get over to my friend's, though. Thanks for the concern. I'll update my earlier comment to reflect my current successful reinstall.
  4. The importance of CDLC's in my RS2014 experience has been highlighted by the week-ago crash of my PC. I had to put Windows on a new hard drive and moved all my Steam files from the old hard drive to the new hard drive -- and everything works except for RS and RS2014. [Odd thing: When I downloaded Steam itself to C: (new hard drive) it made changes to my Steam files on F: (my old drive). I don't recall exactly because it was several days ago and happened so fast, but something like: "Deleting files on F: Steam..." appeared. Steam is still there, but that description alarmed and surprised me. And since it doesn't work now (yes, trying to start from C:)...Anyhow, I digress....] Now I can't get RS2014 to work on my PC even after removing all the CDLC from the dlc folder. I've been only been able to play the basic game -- with a few add-on official dlcs -- on my 360. And let me tell you, going from ~800 songs to 80 songs SUCKS!! (Most of my official dlcs are on my PC.) So, long story short, thanks again from the bottom of my heart CDLC creators. Without CDLC's I don't know if I'd still be playing. If I were playing, I certainly wouldn't be playing NEARLY as much. My only regret is that this game and you guys weren't around when I first picked up a guitar when I was 12! Secondly, Steam hasn't done any hanky-panky to stop "new" RS2014 people from using CDLC's have they? I must have tried to start RS2014 100+ times since my crash. Sad Joe. Teddy strongly disapproves of this state of affairs. I've tried everything I can think of to get RS2014 going again on my PC, short of deleting both Steam and RS2014 and redownloading them. And I'll do that this week or next when I can bring my PC over to a friend's house (I have a data download cap). Edit: Got it working again with a fresh install of Steam and RS14!
  5. **For those who have 2 hard drives, and Rocksmith is installed not in the boot drive but in the second one.** You need to create a symlink in the ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/ pointing to /Volumes/<otherdrive>/SteamLibrary/SteamApps/common All works again. I don't know what this means!!! After a crash I couldn't start RS14 from my old hard drive (now F) so I moved RS14 to my new hard drive but Steam wants to download the thing again even though it's RIGHT THERE!!! I need to either get it to realize I've moved RS14 onto my new hard drive © or get it to work off the old hard drive (F). HELP, I'm about to tear my hair out! Given that my new hard drive is C and my old one is F, what do I type where? Or, How do I get Steam to realize that the game is already in the folder it's trying to download to? Usually, it "knows" but it doesn't this time for some reason. When I verify cache it just verifies the few files it's downloaded, not the whole game I've moved from my old hard drive. ps I have limited download abilities -- less than a gig a day. Edit: I moved everything from F, where it was working fine before it crashed, onto C, my new boot drive. I get the little popup like it's going to work, then the "rocksmith.exe has stopped working...." crash a second later Edit 2: Still doing the same thing. It's SOO annoying not being able to play the game -- I just got Hendrix! -- but rather than tear my hair out about it and try a thousand (more) little things for the next week, I'm going to put it aside until I can bring my desktop over to a friend's house where I can redownload/update from scratch as need be without worrying about data usage. Edit 3: Got a new computer, downloaded Steam and RS 14 fresh, added the patch and the CDLC and BOOM! first try working like a charm!!
  6. This is amazing. After the Hendrix folk signed on with BandFuse, I thought it would be a looong time (or never) before RS was able to release any Hendrix. With the demise of BF, the rights holders wasted little time allowing RS to have at it, though. One could quibble about the price, or that the BOne/PS4 people get it for free, but remember the main thing: 12 Hendrix songs at once! That's very cool. Surprised they didn't do Crosstown Traffic (one of my faves). Edit: Just checked the CDLC and Crosstown Traffic is here, of course, though I somehow missed it. You guys rock! Many thanks, Karmeleaux!!
  7. Not selling as well lately, it's #44 on Amazon (US/cable/xbox360). Last week it was in the 30's IIRC. Still, impressive staying power for something that's been out as long as Rocksmith 2014 has.
  8. I wonder if the world would just run by the guts of an idiot like you... <_< If you're going to insult me, at least be clear about it. Please elucidate your point.
  9. Please NO!.. Songs should in my opinion always remain as close to the original as possible. Chances are, you won't be able to tell the difference. My opinion on this subject actually has nothing to do with that. I believe that to change the pitch even slightly is messing with the art and in my book that sucks. Again, just to be clear: When I said, "If you're going to do a song in ALMOST E just do the ****ing thing in E and have done with it!!!!," I was aiming my ire at the artists who recorded the track in the first place -- NOT the CDLC creators (who, of course, are awesome and may pitch correct to E or not as is their wont). I understand and empathize with both the purist and convenience arguments regarding correcting pitch for CDLC. I find, however, that I rarely play stuff that is just a hair off, so I finally have come down on the convenience side. The change is unnoticeable and the songs will get played more.
  10. I felt moved to bump this and add my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of the CDLC creators out there. I've tried my hand at CDLC creation, but after a dozen or so hours all I ended up with was a horrible, perpetually-out-of-synch mess. So I appreciate the time, effort, skill, timing, tool mastery and ear it takes to make a good CDLC. Know that for every "thanks" or download you get, there are likely dozens of people who will either play your creation, be entertained by people playing your creation (or who learned to play and kept playing because of CDLCs), or be taught guitar by someone who learned guitar because of the creators here. Like teaching, there's no telling where, or if, the positive impact ends. For all we know, the next Jimi Hendrix is wailing away right now on something YOU made! TL: DR: Thanks, CDLC creators!!
  11. Can you try them both, then decide? I've played some $200 guitars I prefer over some $2,000 guitars. My strongest piece of advice: Never buy a guitar without playing it first. And the more guitars you try, the better the chance that one of them will yell, "ME!," and your choice will be made for you. Good luck!
  12. If it works, you will be a hero to all and save much gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes. Good luck and godspeed, my friend. Do you know -- in layman's terms -- how/why the problem occurs in the creation of certain files and how it corrupts the save file?
  13. I had it happen to me a few times early in the year. Really sucks the first time it happens out of the blue. There are a few threads about it. Now I copy and save my Steam>userdata>122967791>221680 folder every couple of plays so that if it crashes again I'll only lose a few hours. I think a sticky with a warning and heads up about backing up 221680 would be great. I'd never heard of the problem until it happened to me. I was shocked and bummed. Has anyone figured out how and why certain files do this?
  14. Just played them all through on bass. On first play, best score 95.7 on Moonlight Sonata; worst, 75.7 on Fugue in G minor. They're all amazing -- if you haven't bought them yet, for chissakes, go buy them!!!!!!! I like the Django/swing take on Rondo. If I had my druthers, the others wouldn't be quite so "metallized," but I'm not complaining. They've got enough bitching from people who are like, "Classical?! What, are you kidding?! This pack sucks! Metallica rules, WHOO!!" (Look, pal, if you can play this stuff, you can play ANYTHING! And this stuff -- excepting Moonlight and Rondo -- is metal as hell, anyway!) The guitar parts sound absolutely beastly. Usually I start out at 100% and see how it goes, but after hearing those guitar parts I'll start out at 40-50% or I'll just get depressed. On second thought, maybe around 20-30%. Seriously, they sound... challenging. Edit: *Do* buy these and show RS some love for the pack on their Facebook page. Feel free to mock the classical haters while you're there, too. Next stop, Segovia pack!!!
  15. Awesome! Thanks so much, Ardalista. I'll definitely be checking them out. Don't know how I missed them all this time -- I love that stuff.
  16. For some reason, the video doesn't seem to want to play for me in this forum. Just google "Meet the model - Alejandra Guilmant" if the link above doesn't work. Edit: Link seems to be working now.
  17. http://vimeo.com/75221919 I googled the lyrics as best I could, but didn't come up with anything. Thought someone here would probably recognize them. I absolutely love the song!! Thanks!
  18. Still selling well enough at $49 to rank at #11 -- more than nine months out (released October 22, 2013)!!! Amazing. That bodes well for more future Rocksmiths!! Heck, Watch Dogs is only one spot ahead, is $10 cheaper and has only been out for two months.
  19. I have 856 files in my dlc folder and haven't had any problems lately. I started one of the other corrupt save file threads and described my travails there. After crashing four times in short order, I now backup my save file on a regular basis, but haven't crashed lately. It sucks losing hundreds of hours of playing progress, though. You have my sympathy. Hey mods, how about making a sticky warning people about this issue with instructions on backing up files? I certainly wish I'd heard about it before my first crash.
  20. Still selling well -- #6 xbox game on US Amazon!
  21. Please NO!.. Songs should in my opinion always remain as close to the original as possible. I was aiming that statement at rock/pop artists who make songs that are just off of E, not at CDLC creators/Ubisoft who create the customs. As pointed out above, sometimes non-A440 recordings are a conscious choice, other times it's wonky technology, apparently. Also as I mentioned above, I'm on the fence about shifting songs that were originally released a bit off of A440 E. On the one hand, I'm generally a purist; on the other hand, if it's not in A440, I'll probably never play it. I haven't played my three new off-tuned Oasis songs yet, in fact.
  22. I know pitch and tuning. For whatever reason it was done/exists, and whether it was done through simply up-tuning the instruments or through studio manipulation, the fact remains that in order to play Oasis' five-pack of songs one must use three different just-off-E tunings. And if he really had a sweet spot you'd think all the up-tunings would be the same up-tunings. Seems a bit precious of them to me. "Dude, this would sound so much cooler is we shifted everything up a 16th!" And when you play along with Beatles songs, whether in RS or along with tapes/cds/albums (I used to play along with albums before cds even existed), you're in E standard all the time, baby. Same thing with 95% of rock and pop music, including RS DLC songs. You need drop D, Eb, D#, D, open G or whatever fine, but if you're that close to A440 -- the standard of Rock/pop music -- just do it! The more I think about it, the more I like Womac's shifting idea. I'm generally a purist, but I am not a fan of tiny off-tunings. Somewhat like Vega and Dazed, I rarely, if ever, play the songs I have in off tunings. I'll tune to Eb and play every song I have in Eb, and do the same for drop D, but I generally don't it for one or two songs in 444 or whatever.
  23. I just counted them up: On RS2014, I have 37 Beatles songs, ALL of which are in A440. I also have 13 Oasis songs, 8 of which are in A440, the other 5 are in 4 different tunings (443, 449, 450, 451).
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