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  1. Happy Birthday Birdassasin!

  2. Happy Birthday Birdassasin!

  3. Happy Birthday Birdassasin!

  4. Happy Birthday Birdassasin!

  5. Happy Birthday Birdassasin!

  6. Okay, got it! The missing notes are showing up now and everything looks like it should for now. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hey guys, i'm just about done doing one of my customs, but I'm having problems getting the Riff Repeater working properly. Not sure, if I have understood the Sections and Phrases correctly. If someone could clarify this to me, it would much appreciated! From what I gathered, you add sections to the song to specify the bigger parts of the song, ie. Verses and Choruses. Then you can add phrases to split up those bigger parts into smaller bits. Like if the verse has the same riff repeated over and over again, you mark every riff as a phrase. Have I got this right? Also as an extra problem (not
  8. I started on 360, but quickly swapped to PC. Much better performance IMO
  9. Doing playthrough videos, if you want one from your CDLC, just ask me!

  10. 7th record time's a charm? Yah, apparently. Really fun song to play, although i kinda botch the intro bits. Also, one of my favorite songs from Dream Theater!
  11. Armless girls or legless girls? ....Armless :3
  12. Another great one from Akira Yamaoka! Not that much to play on the lead, but still really mellow sound.
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