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  1. Zethlosa


    Since it hasn't been covered yet what does everyone run when they aren't playing rocksmith? :)i run a Peavey 5150II head and matching cab.GO!
  2. I have one in my JS and personally i love them, when i get my new guitar Ibanez RG2228 (prestige) i'm going to take the bolted in bridge out of it and add a Floyd people call me crazy, but restringing an 8 string floyd rose sound like a fun challenge :)
  3. Dimarzio clip locks :) i can throw my guitar around do spins and it'll never come off because it's screwed in love em
  4. Between the buried and me - Sun of Nothingamazing mixture of genres and goes for 13mins
  5. My favourite artist is Steve Vai For the love of god got me hooked when i was 15.Surfing with the Alien by Satch made me want to start playing the guitar i think i was 7 when i first heard it (though i didn't start till i was 15 *idiot*).But the earliest song i can remember getting into was Mouth For War by pantera when i was like 3 still love the album immensely.
  6. No there actually a headless brand named Strandberg, they specialize in multi scale and extended range headless instruments, http://strandbergguitars.com/ but they are like 4000 minimum haha, building a guitar sounds cool i've always wanted to do that but never quite had the money one of my dads friends makes high quality strat copies with really really heavy wood.
  7. I'm curious are they just cheaper versions of strandbergs?
  8. It was probably the most painful experience i have ever endured, it's the only piercing i have that i got and then immediately regretted the decision haha.
  9. I use 1mm picks myself i love the heavy attack sound i get from them, i just buy a generic brand and get the bands long printed on them, the design is slightly longer than the Dunlop Tortex which i find is easier to get under the strings.*Edit* My band's logo
  10. 2 Lower i guess you'd call it but kinda doubled just an octave down, I play in a deathcore band so it's tuned (Low to high) DGDGCFAD so think your 6 string down a tone, the 7th is then drop tuned and the lowest is normally F# but dropped down to D keep the scales easier to play :)
  11. I have been reading up on what Guitars/Basses people own on here so i was curious does anybody else on here own an extended range instrument? (Bass with 5 or more strings) (Guitar with 7 or more strings). I'll get the ball rolling, this is my Ibanez RG8 modified with Dimarzio D Activator Pickups. http://i62.tinypic.com/anh93t.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/15ewhdx.jpg http://i60.tinypic.com/t0lo36.jpg
  12. That Vai tat is amazing i would just like to add before i get started :)The list begins i have...Piercings: (brackets added if anyone doesn't understand the terms)Stretched ears 20mmDouble spider bites (4 in lip)Double tongue (Down the middle)Nose (Ring nostril)Industrial (Double ear cartilage)Unmentionable* (yeah you guessed it)i also have a full demon colourful sleeve in the works (hand included)
  13. I've been in a heap of bands most of them terrible :P but this is my current one.Not for the light hearted haha.for fans of The Red Shore, Thy Art Is Murder and Whitechapel. (if anyone has heard of those bands):)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZkviZsX5xQ
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