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  1. Happy Birthday AbadMonster!

  2. Happy Birthday AbadMonster!

  3. I don't like them personally, but I know there are people out there that do... so what would you really do for one?
  4. Anyone out there have unique guitar straps that they use and would like to share pics of or boast about? Personally I just use a black nylon strap... $10.00 at the music store :mrgreen:
  5. LOL I actually have a bottle of Chimay Blue Cap in the fridge right now! Good Stuff!
  6. Personally, I prefer Alternative/Progressive Rock. But I also enjoy NuMetal, and some Screamo/Progressive Metal, and some Experimental Rock.
  7. On your preferred instrument, what brand and type strings do you use? On my Seagull I use Martin Bronze Lights On my BC Richs and my ESP LTD EC-1000T I only use Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkys
  8. Who out there actually uses one of these? Or, if you don't use one of these, or don't like it... what do you use?
  9. I'll have to say my favorite beers consist of the following: 1.) Blue Moon 2.) Bass 3.) Guinness 4.) Newcastle What's your favorite?
  10. I'll have to say Final Fantasy VII was and still is the greatest game ever designed.... too bad it wasn't made now with all the advancements in technology, but I've often thought that it might've actually hindered the game if it was made now, instead of back then, when RPG's actually had to have a good storyline to them. With that being said.... God of War was awesome, along with the new Castlevania game a few years back as well.
  11. Yea, Unleashed2k and the Developers have been working really hard on everything, and there is tons more coming.
  12. ....Fingers are crossed on someone starting a Demon Hunter Custom.

  13. Demon Hunter... no question about it... the first song that got me into them is a toss up between the 2 songs I first heard from them, which are..... "My Throat is an Open Grave" & "Infected," both songs are off their debut self-titled album, and at the time... they didn't want anyone to know who they were... so they all wore bandanas over nose and mouth, and have no names associated to who they were in the band.
  14. I would have never guessed with you being 40's that you would put "Awake" by Skillet.... just goes to show you can't judge the book by the cover!
  15. Hands down the best album of all time is "True Defiance," from a band called Demon Hunter.
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