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  1. Happy Birthday Bornwild!

  2. Happy Birthday Bornwild!

  3. Happy Birthday Bornwild!

  4. Happy Birthday Bornwild!

  5. Seems to be working fine now since I applied the Hotfix. Thanks all :D
  6. Strange I did apply the hotfix today and some of my customs have the file and others dont. I checked the log and no errors. Maybe the hotfix helped. Thanks Will update futher and see what happens
  7. When I use Eof and track a song it don't save a wav file for me to use in Wwise. Any clues ?
  8. Next time I donate I will donate for you. :rolleyes: I believe if you say your in the USA paypal will work for you. I have sent money to Iran before using this tactic.
  9. I think your worrying too much over this. :(
  10. I would be more that happy to help anyway I can. I am not a programmer but I am on this site many times a day. I am retired and have lots of free time.
  11. What a terible thing to say. :o Taken out of context. :D
  12. Do you think you might be getting in a little deep with all the add ons and new features. All these things are great but in the long run may not be cost effective. Just asking. :unsure:
  13. No problems with dropbox it's the greatest thing.
  14. Always wants to install that damm spam downloader. Hate it.
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