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  1. Gee you never take any of my requests. :( I am so sad ;(
  2. Seems to be working fine now since I applied the Hotfix. Thanks all :D
  3. Strange I did apply the hotfix today and some of my customs have the file and others dont. I checked the log and no errors. Maybe the hotfix helped. Thanks Will update futher and see what happens
  4. When I use Eof and track a song it don't save a wav file for me to use in Wwise. Any clues ?
  5. Don't know if anybody has seen this but I thought I would share a bird dancing to Queen Another One Bites The Dust http://youtu.be/JnGu9K49tTM
  6. ???? The tool does not do that until you tell it to..... Can you explain if you still have trouble with the functionality? Well I desided there was nothing in the compatibilty packs that I played anyway so I just moved them. Cleaning out my RS folders
  7. I dont know what I did but today all my customs were gone and I had 2 new folders with all the stuff in there. I deledted the and restored. SO now I just need to figure out what to do next :huh: :unsure:
  8. Can you please elaborate more on the problem ? It doesn't load all official songs (I mean, RS2014 "stock" songs, RS1 etc.) or setlist manager doesn't load some of them? It loads some songs probally all the offical songs. Didn't see any custom songs in the list. Played with it awhile markedsome songs then it locked up.
  9. Great Tool Too bad I cant figure out how to use it. Don't load all my songs or maybe my screen res is too low. Don't know.
  10. Next time I donate I will donate for you. :rolleyes: I believe if you say your in the USA paypal will work for you. I have sent money to Iran before using this tactic.
  11. I think your worrying too much over this. :(
  12. I would be more that happy to help anyway I can. I am not a programmer but I am on this site many times a day. I am retired and have lots of free time.
  13. Ill second that request,
  14. You really been slacking off lately. :P You need to quit school and devote more time to making customs. :lol:
  15. It boils down to this one user cluttering up the customs with unplayable songs. Thats it. Bad customs sure no problem make a few suggestion and they attempt to fix them. Make a few suggestions and mayber there next one is better. Thats all understandable. But customs that lock up your game and need to reboot or are so far out of sync is unacceptable. Failing to respond it grounds to delete ther customs. This guy is like a litter bug he comes here uploads all his trash and then runs away not to be heard from again till the next time.
  16. He dont respond to comments. Thats the problem. He can get help but if he don't respond and keeps uploading garbage there is nothing else to do. He uploaded a whole slew of bad customs this weekend . All unplayable.
  17. So far there is only 1 custom maker that I am talking about.
  18. I have downloaded some not so great customs and never said anything because they were playable. But the ones that cannot be played at all need to be removed.
  19. Maybe a thumbs up or down button like on a porn site lol
  20. Thats a great idea Abandon customs should be deleted.
  21. The main problem is they will not respond to any criticism They upload totally unplayable songs then wont respond. There is one user who has uploaded many customs and none are playable.
  22. There are so many really bad customs on this site I think something needs to be done to sort out the trash and only keep the good
  23. If you have got to this point now it sounds like you don't have the dll file or you have it in the wrong place must be in the rock smith root directory when you start the game a box should pop up first
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