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  1. Honestly this is one of the main potential this game has, yet I absolutely despise using it because of how terribly frustrating it is. The tone designer could be such a huge part of rocksmith they just need to make it more user friendly, more or less like Guitar Rig 5. And for the delay in the game...that is really one of the worst things ever, just because of the fact that sometimes I don't know whether my controls registered or not, I can understand that the game needs some time to process my request but it gives no sign of "loading" for small things.
  2. YES! this exactly, small annoying things that bothers you could be "easily" fixed if the game was more open
  3. This would feel weird to do, the last thing I want is for them to make another version of Rocksmith (unless is has backwards compatibility with the CDLC's) I'm not saying that they will specifically create another Rocksmith to apply all these requests and improve on the game itself but I think it's highly unlikely that they will improve the current version. Since the work it takes to do all of this is a lot, for example they could use this time for DLC making instead which will generate a lot more cash in comparison to improving the navigation.
  4. I have to agree with you here, I've personally converted many songs for myself from RS to RS14 and it makes me happy to see how much the quality of CDLC's have improved since then (not saying they're all bad quality but after RS14 I guess I have higher standards now) But personally I think the biggest issue would be the errors I sometimes get, some songs convert nicely and some just don't.
  5. Excuse me. I like mouse and keyboard. I do own an Xbox for windows controller and it's not convenient at all having for many wires running through my Laptop as I play guitar I want at least some room so I don't accidentally unplug anything. I tried it and it is not worth the hassle. Asking for a mod is not absurd at all unless you're a console gamer. game mods on PC are very common in case you didn't know. I wouldn't be going off calling people noobs for using mouse and keyboard if I were you, go be ignorant somewhere else.
  6. This is exactly what I was afraid of, that the game is way to closed up to modify anything.
  7. Yes removing song in-game would be a good feature as well, also creating playlists. Not like the non-stop play thing but just ways to order your songs. For example Punk-Rock playlist or Audioslave/RATM playist, basically anything you want that you can go back to
  8. Before I go all PC master race here, I just want to get this out there. I'm really happy how far we made it as a community, the contribution on this website is just phenomenal. And honestly if it wasn't for the community I would probably have about 10 hours in Rocksmith max. Ever since the "smithy's incident" I feel like Customs Forge has been progressing exponentially. But here's where it hasn't progressed at all, the actual game itself. I'm not talking about gameplay just navigation in general. Obviously this thread is more targeted towards PC players. I always expected that there would
  9. Would it be possible to change it to a lighter color? Maybe have a few different choices you can pick from? I really think this update is great and the color choice is pretty good but for some reason I don't feel it's easy on the eyes, maybe it's too dark and the white font really stands out.
  10. Yup been there. A lot actually then I decided to invest in a different brand. It really isn't something for everyone but I slinky's costed me about 12$ and DR 20$ in my own currency. While the ernies lasted about 1 month the DR would go for 3 months or more. But that was back when I used to live in a place with a different climate. The Ernies were enjoyable for like a week and a half then they start getting gross and eventually High E will break. The DR's lasts about 3 months and I would change them when the High E broke as well the only difference is that you can't tell when they're abou
  11. I don't know about you guys but I find it tacky as fuck when girls post video of themselves playing guitar with their tits hanging out having skimpy clothing on and making sure the camera catches it all. You can play, fine.Tape it and show the world but I find it desperate that they all try to "subtly" add in something more for to catch interest. My pick is Orianthi http://www.bitojava.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Orianthi-Dave-Stewart.jpg
  12. Thanks...I started to think you guys will do this to all the new DLC's... you know keeping them there until the next weeks DLC's come in
  13. What kind of strings are you using? I had the same problem as you (couldn't change tunings because of Floyd rose bridge) , except mine does really take hell of a lot of time to retune and adjusting the back, and to play a couple of songs in Eb wasn't worth it. I did save up eventually for another guitar, my initial plan was to buy a cheap 100€ guitar but it really isn't worth it. Especially when you're already used to certain standard of playing quality. Just save up for a mid range guitar, maybe even a second hand one. Doing all of that work for one song at a time really is a waste of tim
  14. This site keeps getting better and better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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