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  1. I totaly share beyondtools opinion on this... i also noticed that songs that I saw for the first time days ago are still in bold letters although I visited the site several times since then. Please also bring back the fast filter system like in the old search... just bring back the old search:-) it was so fast, easy to use and also easy on the eyes...
  2. Hi there, I'm working on a custom and want to add leading silence... when I add 3000 ms (no re-encoding) the chart gets somehow shifted and nothing works any more... I downloaded the hotfix - it now tells me that the leading silence operation has failed. Has anybody experienced this and maybe knows a solution? Thanks!
  3. When I tried to look at the newest songs this morning on my mobile, the link I have on my homescreen suddenly guided me to ignition - and I wasn't amused... No songs were listet at all... there was also no refresh button to get the songs - only the magnifying class. After some time I just gave up. Did you test the page on moile devices? I have to say that Ignition looks nice and everything but I can't see any reason why I should use it instead of the old search. I have only disadvantages with it( no records being displayed without clicking refresh, no direct links for seeing all songs by one
  4. The problem is probably specific to the GP file, if you can send me a download link to it I'll test it out. @@raynebc Yes it was, I could prevent the crashes after I deleted some tracks from the GP file. There were like 2 synthezisers, a vocal track, extra guitar and also extra percussion. So in the end there were like 8 tracks but I only needed Guitar 1 and bass. One of these extra tracks created also an error(also in other projects) that some instruments had more than 6 strings and i had to decide if I wanted to delete the thickest or the thinnest string.(I never could find out where this p
  5. Hallo there! I got an xml error(malformed xml) when I tried to import a GPA-xml file. I encountered that I had renamed the Guitar Pro file. I opened the xml file wit an editor and changed the name in the file....Now the import starts for one second but then EOF crashes... does sb know this problem? Thanks! Edit: It also crashes now when I rty to import the guitar pro file itself that belongs to the xml. Edit: Same happened after I completely resynced everything in GPA, exported everything anew, made a new Project and tried to import the xml: CRASH!! wtf??
  6. Hello there! I got the "malformed Go Playalong XML File" too - is there any solution for this yet?
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