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    80's Metal most of the time
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    Charvel Pro Mod So Cal FR 2016,Keiper Flying V,Czerny and Jwin Classic Guitars.
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    Metallica,Megadeth,Rush,Iron Maiden,Death,Mötorhead,Yngwie Malmsteen,Jimi Hendrix Experience,Buckethead,Paul Gilbert,Jason Becker,Marty Friedman,Scorpions,Ufo,Deep Purple,Black Sabbath and more...

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  1. Many good ol' bands from in the past (60s 70s 80s). But has to be Xanadu by Rush.When I first heard it I studied on guitar so hard. And Alex Lifeson become one of my biggiest influence.
  2. Rush,Blue Öyster Cult,Dire Straits and The Kinks
  3. Maybe the all bands from 80s ( Such as Iron Maiden) New Wave of British Metal,Rush,Van Halen,Mötley Crüe,Dire Straits,Jimi Hendrix Expierence,Led Zeppelin and many many more.
  4. You can buy an Ibanez,ESP or Jackson with 24 frets and with a Floyd Rose.
  5. The guy that burns guitar for 40 years.One of my influences.
  6. I've been playin' for 5 years and I had so much fun with my 70 hours gameplay.Can't wonder what happen in 1200 :).
  7. This morning I wanted to check out what did songs community created. And when I clicked CDLC ( I downloaded 200 songs from this site I knew how to use it properly.) site telled me sign in again, again and again. What should I do?
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