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  1. Pain is a great suggestion! Listening now, sounds similar.
  2. I'm new to this, for yrs NIN downward spiral was the end point. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to learn more hard stuff like Static X, Fear Factory, Rammstein. I'm not a fan of screaming death metal, any suggestions?
  4. CRASH Pearl Jam need fix - Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town CRASH BROKE 2+ YRS
  5. during download, avast blocked cf manager as malware infection/ anyone have this issue? program looks cool but dont know if it is a false detection or what?
  6. I skipped through each song, sounds new and good. Sounds like stuff that gets better more you listen.
  7. Download Rocksmith Toolkit link worked. I did get the warning when i clicked update on interface, could be a personal firewall issue. 2.7 through link worked.
  8. I click toolkit update on the interface, maybe once every 2 months, i tried to do the latest update about a week ago and i got the hardcore, POTENTIALLY UNWANTED PROGRAM with the red X.. never happened to me before until this last update. I assume the latest updates dont do much so I'll play it safe and use the tk i got, any thing about this for you?
  9. I got 1 with pickup issues, I got a good backup from amazon. Im worried some day I cant buy a replacement. I think the rs cords are a little bit shitty. - could be heavy duty
  10. right click sound, recording devices, recording tab, rocksmith mic properties, levels tab, turn mic up sound is too low to detect for the game to even do tuner
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