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  1. I would love to see Scarred by Dream Theater
  2. I also did that no luck. I hear no game sound and it says plug in rocksmith real tone cable and I do. It still doesn't work at all, when I plug in the USB the amps in the background go crazy, but when I unplug it they stop.
  3. Windows does recognize my Real Tone Cable, and the two parts are connected together. It says microphone and working on it. I can't get passed the playing really loud part in calibration because it doesn't recognize any sound from my guitar. All the volume knobs are up, but still nothing. I know my guitar works because I was using it yesterday, and this cable works because it works on the xbox. So I can't get to the in game options, I know there is a force bypass but I don't know how to do it.
  4. I've done all these things. I put my usb in all the ports and still it says "no audio output device detected. Please connect or enable it." Maybe it's because I don't have it enabled. How do I enable it? The game has the amps in the background blasting yellow soundwaves so I don't understand.
  5. I need help with this cable. I plug it in and when I boot up Rocksmith it says no audio output device detected. I can't even get passed the calibration because it won't work. The amps in the background keep making noise non stop and there is no sound in the game. All drivers are up to date and I did everything to make it work. This cable works on my Xbox 360 just fine, but on PC it doesn't work at all. Can someone please help me?
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