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  1. I'm not making any cdlcs anymore but i think you should give sonic visualizer a try. read more in here: http://customsforge.com/topic/2393-how-to-get-beat-map/?hl=sonic+visualizer
  2. Never you mind. I'm not using eof or any other cdlc creator program anymore (still a quiestion if I will ever do more cdlc )
  3. 1.)Ok,I think i get it now.Honestly,I didn't know what "phrase length" was and didn't noticed this feature in the ToolKit, sorry, I should have askd it before I post it. 2.)I don't think that I added FHP to that specific point where you markd with the red x. But at some points I did it on purpose,because in my last song what I made I had an issue with it.Some of the chords had wide appearance.(what I mean by that, is the chords apperd more than 4 fret wide. example: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-VcNDNieVhhMElqM2M)that's the reason why some of the chords have more FHPs then it
  4. I'm not rejection or refusind anything, I'm just not realy understanding what you or someone else said and that's why I keep asking something.Like "how should I properly define phrases " or else. The reason why you don't understanding what I'm saying is most likely that I can't realy express my self more then I alreary told. But I try my best as I could, like, this is the current project https://www.dropbox.com/s/s35voue2bpn1zbz/But%20I%27ll%20go%20on%20until%20the%20end.eof?dl=0 ( still the only difference is the FHP change at the bass arpeggio) But please,If you have a
  5. 1.)Hmm,it's quite stupid if a section is starting just at a specific chord and that chord has a long handshape/sustian it this issue appers. But what can or SHOULD do in this case other than not using DD? Also,it has been said,that If I use 3.2 DDC then this shouldn't be a problem and I did it but nothing realy changed... 2.) There isn't any new FHP at that point other than the begininng of the first chord.(Again,that is not that specific picture that I currently have,but I'll provid that one tomorrow) 3.)Yes,but It is a problem I only changed the bass arpeggio and resnaped all 5 aranngeme
  6. Sorry but it's not quite clear what you said,could you explain it ?? Also,I didn't had 3th FHP on the second 3th note on the E string (not in the older and not in the current one)
  7. What was that Handshape thing earlier??(I'm not sure that's why I'm asking) The problems what is still appers: 1.)Chord sustains's highlited parts are not matching with the chord's sustain (only in DD) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-Vca0ZQdF9DaGc4Zmc 2.)the Part_Real_Guitar_22 (Rhythm) has chords that hasn't got highlited parts all the way (the pic. is not from the Real_Guitar_22 part, this was the Part_Real_Bass_22 what has a different issue now, but the idea is the same ) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-VcX2Q5eXdjOElXenM 3.) Handshapes in Part_Real_Guitar
  8. I don't know what you mean by this. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-VcYkpFbGxSU191S1k
  9. OK,I updated eof, resnaped all 5 parts, the phrases are still shit so does the problems that I mentoned before (even with 3.2 DDC) the only difference is with the bass arpeggio. Idk why eof has problems with the FHP change, so I had to delet that fhp and the arpeggio toks 6 or 5 frets to show (from the first to the sixth or fivth)
  10. Omg, thank you! Yes,I didn't noticed that, I'll look at everything twice for now to not get this issues :D
  11. 3:49 at the last Postchourus before the outro part. I've posted a screenshot about the bass issue in the previous post. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2dAm5utc-VcdXE1UDFySkFWM2c/view Idk about the gridsnaps, I've resnapd all 5 parts and got those results, but I will check it again then. Also,I'm not sure if phrases are working correctly because I got the same result in the chart when I added DD to it.
  12. 3:49 at the last Postchourus before the outro part.
  13. Ok,I'm fucking pissd off, I changed the 3.1 DDC folder to 3.2 one, but the issues are still appering like the others that I mentioned and the only changing in the second one is that all those chords have "HD" on them but one is still appering without the repeated strum pattern, and also the other guitar part (REAL_GUITAR_22) has got that issue now(what I mentioned the second issue before). PART_REAL_GUITAR has issues at the handshapes in the verse sections . And also the Bass part(REAL_BASS) has got an issue with arpeggio mark: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-VcdXE1UDFySkFWM
  14. Thank you,I'm gonna try this.Sorry if I was rude in the prev. post, but does defining phrases gonna solve the second problem that I mentioned?
  15. My question was "how to define the phrases" in EOF correctly. What I'm asking is wich feature is what I need to use? eg:Shift+s is to add section to the arrangement parts and also define phrases.
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