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  1. Hi everyone, what is the best way to keep up to date with uploaded dlc, i seem to have a hard time when thru the website and browse collection... thanks
  2. This is great guys thanks for all the feedback.,, time to have fun :P
  3. Hi Everyone I got a question how long does it take to learn to create n your first cdlc if you are good with computer and after you did quite a few how long would it take. Thanks
  4. THanks for the reply, I got 2 copy of rocksmith 2014 remastered ps3 and ps4 and I got also got the original copy of rocksmith for pc registered with steam, but the other copy is a copy from a friend that has a lot of custom dlc but I never registered this one with steam. but I remrember seeing a link here but cant find it :-[
  5. I can't find the link for rocksmith remastered update for pc with instruction. would be great if anybody here could help me. Thanks
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