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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjjgYbxFsIvuF-AUl_xUr0A
  2. That's amazing dude! Remember, enjoy every momment of it while it last. Sadly The singer of my teacher's band past away recently :(
  3. Did you check the song in game? And yes The Trooper comes wih RS2014 edetion (and RS2014 Remastered) as Syvaa mentiond it, so if the song is not showing up in the "Learn a song" menu, then i suggest you to reinstall the game.
  4. thank you. I'm currently using (i mean i play this guitar currently the most ) a Cort X4 one. 24 frets with a tremolo bridge and emg humbuckers. I've managed to get an almost decent tone. Maybe i'll leave a link in my next comment for you to hear how it sounds (altogh i'm going to record it with Fl Studio and i have to managed to set that up good :P ) and also yeah, i've came across this point, so i already know that i should not compare it to album tones dues to the fact that's goes through a lot of editing and mixing and it's affected by the guitar player too. but thanks anyway :)
  5. yeah, i've managed to get a somewhat decent tone right now.thanks
  6. I'm still getting familiar with my "New" amplifier but i can't make a good tone on my own. I think i'll do what everyone else does,keep the amp with a clean tone and make distortion tone with a pedal. (i already have a Dunlop Cry Baby Wah pedal) So do you think you could give me any suggestions ? :D Note: 1.)My amp is a Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo amp (the current preset is "Classic Metal") 2.)Not sure how relevant is this, but here is a picture of the "current settings" on what i have
  7. Btw,i'm working on how to record the amp, so maybe in the future i can record it with audacity, so i can show how it sounds if someone is interestid in it :D
  8. I got these not so long ago ( expect the guitrar,i've got that for almost 2 months ago, lol) And here is some pic :D 1.) This is Marshall Code 50 (watt) digital combo amp. Tbh, i like the sound of it, but i'm wondering if a tube amp can be better then this... what do you think? 2.)Next up is a Dunlop Cry Baby Wah pedal. I can't really try it still, because (note:i'm still a noob at gears so of course i'm gonna mess something up) i stll need an adapter to use it. Actually,i wouldn't mind if someone might help me. Do i really need a Dunlop ECB003 or a DC Brick power supply to use the pedal or i can replace it with something else (and yes, i put a battery in the pedal and i have a cable that connects the pedal to the amp itself) 3.)Last,but not least i got this Cort X4-Bk seris for 2 months ago and i really enjoy it :D Still, even if it's doesn't have a floyd rose, it's still awsome.The only Problem i have is the first fret on the (high) e, b and g strings are "dead" so that's bit of a shame. I changed the factory strinfg once, and i put 10t gauges to it (the original was 9) and then the guitar was very hard to play,until my brother visited us and showed me how to adjust the tremolo bridge (the screws that are changing the the strings "height"(if i can call it that way)).The thing is that,once i changed the strings the dead sounds (a.k.a fret buzz)went away,but came back after the changes in the tremolo bridge :mellow: Cheers!
  9. Yeah, all true, altough i'm still loyal to the "make music with your own touch" thing. Even tought i'm still trying to find my voice on guitar or even in music. The best thing is when someone listens to a lot of genre (like me, lol) and then you eventually inpired by those artists, so you use everything to make your music. Still, lot of people don't realise that rock has a lot of genre and each sound way different than the other one.
  10. That's true, and of coure i'm not saying that they should be in the top 10 best bands of all time either :D most of my fav. bands like Godsmack or Billy Talent are not in that well known area like AC/DC or Metallica but still. I hope that one day i'm going to reach their level :)
  11. I want to do both tbh :D i really feel like i could do all these, like for example write songs, go on gigs and tours etc. and i feel motivated to do it,(even in my darkest days ,lol) but how would i know these (some might say) i'm only 18 years old :D
  12. Personaly i don't know. I don't have a band yet, but i'm still hoping to be in one. I kinda feel bad for my guitar teacher having his more then 30 year old band and don't have major succes and carrier like Metallica had (still has,lol). What do you think? Do you know someone particular or just heard of that? btw: here is one of their gig from 1992, he is the solo guitrarist ( not the one who has the flying v :D ) Their band is called "Algernon"
  13. Wow,maybe it's just me but thier software is look complicated to me than EOF :D Just by the look of it
  14. Umm, the link at For Whom The Bell Tolls is broken... how can i get the song for the game then?
  15. tbh, imo these bands are underrated in a prespective way as "not appearing in a lot of places" : Breaking BenjaminChevelleGodsmackAlter Bridge but if you i want to say a criminaly underrated band, then (surprise,surprise) Billy Talent would be my #1 for that.
  16. tnh i have know what class do i really belong :mellow: :lol: oh, thanks anyway :lol:
  17. Well, i only played championship songs for one time only. I guess i'm going to do it more often :D (ps. i know the last one is not in here but i wanted to post here because why not sry :P )
  18. I'm not making any cdlcs anymore but i think you should give sonic visualizer a try. read more in here: http://customsforge.com/topic/2393-how-to-get-beat-map/?hl=sonic+visualizer
  19. Totally agreed. However, i'm not trying to be mean, so don't get me wrong. But, there are some situations where people do not work with their customs other than sync (or trying to snyc it) and that's all. No nvestigation that the tab is good or atleast SOUNS familiar with the original song or to do tone changes (but the last one is not so much bad as the first one). Again, don't get me wrong, i'm not talking about beginners who for example do theri first customs and/or just started to make them.
  20. I've been playing now for 3 years now and i only have a cheap amp (Marshall mg 10cf) and my 3 guitars. (and rocksmiht of course duh). But something tells me that i might need to add something to these. Like pedals for example. I've kinda want to get a good overdrive pedal and a distortion one, but i'm not realy a gear geek sadly (don't know much about gears). I also have a feeling that it's not necessary yet, because i don't have a band to play with and that's the other thing that bothers me. I've already written down more than 20 riffs for song ideas and don't have people to share with them.
  21. sry i'm a bit dumb but what exactly do you mean by procrastination ? :D also, re-configure the game audio settings you mean? once upon a time i was able to play rocksmith and speak with my friends at skype at the same time and was able to record the game with OBS and had sound (not that good honestly) but I don't know what have changed since then.These were also before I had win10
  22. I don't like to complain at all but i have to say this ROCKSMITH IS FUCKING UNPLAYABLE! My profile got damaged somehow (atleast that's what the game says) and that wouldn't be a problem because i can make a new one. But the problem with that is the game itslef does not remembers any progress with any profile. In other words: if i make a profile and make some progress with it and then quit then open it again if i chose that profile it starts with the basics when you first play rocksmith. Not even mention that the guitar sounds like fucking megaladon diarrhea shit even with or without headphones. So please can anybody help me with those issues? I haven't play rocksmith normaly for a month now because i had to reinstall my windows 10 in that time and since then it's sucks very much so. I feel very stressd out and anxious and do not have any motivation to continue playing at all :(
  23. Green Day-American Idiot Breaking Benjamin-Polyamorous ( i think it has a couple on it) Chevelle-Hats Off To The Bull
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