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  1. Happy Birthday Wormweed!

  2. Happy Birthday Wormweed!

  3. Happy Birthday Wormweed!

  4. Yeah, you are probably right. I didnt know about the midi import part before you told me, and that does exactly what i wanted. Trying to sync before importing is quite hard with all the compressed music out there. I strive to get all my music in lossless high quality, but some of it is just made terrible, like Death Magnetic. Edit: yeah idk, this song sucks to sync up either way. Doesnt even look like they played the song in time when they recorded it
  5. I didnt know the repeated parts counted different, didnt think about that. How come its not intended to import tempo changes? I know it's gonna take some minor syncing, but would be many times quicker than to find the correct markers and manually change the bpm, then fine tune it after. I tried the midi export/import, and that does indeed import tempo changes, and it did so while couning the repeating parts. So it changed tempo at marker 17. So thats very helpful, thanks for that tip, i didnt know that worked.
  6. Just the first beat, then ignores all the other bpm changes from the gp files. The beat markers numbering is also off compared to the gp files. So i cant even look at the gp file beat marker numbers and just go there in EoF and change the bpm, since its off. I was hoping this was fixed, as i was getting bored having to spend ages having to sync the song, instead of it just importing the way it is written, then just minor sync adjustments if needed. Using latest EoF hotfix, and this gp file https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/l/lord_belial/forlorn_in_silence_guitar_pro.htm But i remember thi
  7. Happy Birthday Wormweed!

  8. Without a screen capture I probably can't say what would have caused this. EOF will give very specific warnings depending on what the problem is. For example if you have RS1 export enabled, there are several limitations for fret hand positions. Improvements were made to FHP generation a little over 3 weeks ago, but no bugs have been verified to exist at this time. If you can reproduce a problem with a project file, let me know. There are ways that this could be done, especially if you've been working with the leading silence feature or the "Note>Move grid snap" functions. If you can fin
  9. Can you further describe the issue? Are you using DDC? I was fixing sync issues on a previously made cdlc, and when i went to save it the cancel save to fix fretting hand position message popped up. And i clicked yes when it moved to each position asking if i wanted to fix it. I don't remember what the popup messages exact words were. When i then went to play the song palm mute symbols were showing up far to the left of the notes, and everything was messed up. Didn't have any problems with fretting hand position when i made the cdlc some weeks ago, with a different Eof version. Another p
  10. Am i the only one that gets the song messed up with the new fretting hand "fixing"? Have to make sure i delete all fretting hand positions before i save the song, if not everything is messed up in game.
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