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  1. Would love to play this version of David Bowie - Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  2. A classic norwegian tune, the lyrics might not make much sence to anyone outside Scandinavia, but I'll help anyone willing to have a go.
  3. Lead-guitar for the Norwegian band "Span" - any or all songs from their record "Mass Distraction" would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Would love the lead-version of the Danish legend Kim Larsen's "This is my life"
  5. I would be forever grateful to see the band Span and their record Mass Distraction from 2004 here in RS. Span was a Norwegian rock-band that unfortunately broke up a while back. Definately an addictive album. All the songs are one YouTube.
  6. Motörheads cover of "Heroes" is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who makes a version of this will make my year! Best wishes Frank
  7. I'm just wondering why the numbers of songs reported for each artist under the "Artists" forum never seem to be correct? For intance, behind Fleetwood Mac is says (20) which I would think is related to the amount of cdlc-files I will find on that link. In stead I find 9, and two that I need to purchase. Why is this? Best wishes Frank
  8. I would be thankful if anyone would take a look at these songs. Samantha Fish: "Place to fall", "Lost myself", "Either way I loose". Kenny Rogers: "Lady". Frank.
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