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  1. I'm using the mods for a while now but didn't know an intro skipping option existed. So I checked the software again - where exactly is the option to skip the intro? I don't see it. Is it in the Enable/Disable Mods Tab?
  2. Anybody has Carrion or Boneyards? Those Links are not working aswell. Is Zippyshare forbidden on CF?
  3. Oh cool.. thanks Shiyditto :-) I will also try the masterfix. @@MaZtoR Thanks for the tip to make a new dlc.... thats just genius. I would never have thought about that.... so great! Youre the best and even Rodman likes your post. So smart.
  4. Hello, so there is an old cdlc I have from this site... My chemical Romance - The Ghost of you. And the custom is made rather bad and has a lot of issues. But I use it for playalong quite often. I wanted to play it in Master Mode but its so badly synced that it is impossible to get no mistakes in Guitarcade. And in Learn a song the file seems too old and it's not possible to switch off the notes in Riff Repeater. Is there a way to tweak/manipulate the file so that Rocksmith thinks I got gold/zero Xs in Guitarcade? Thank you very much.
  5. Yay! How bad is the note detection with your uke? I got 30% the first time and 9% the 2nd, LOL. Edit: NM, I see in the other thread that everything registered for you. ;) Could it be your pickup? Try the difference with a Microphone (if you have one) I used this one: https://www.amazon.com/Condenser-Ribbon-Microphone-Podcast-Computer/dp/B01142EPO4/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1516556190&sr=8-11&keywords=usb+microphone
  6. Cool - gonna check it out today :-) Nice Song choice. Is it possible to play Splitscreen - Guitar with RT-Cable and Ukulele with USB Michrofone?
  7. I'm Not Sure... I Just typed ukulule in the cdlc search and got Zero results. In the forums i also didn't find much aside from this topic here.
  8. I was thinking about this myself .... how did it work out? I wonder why nobody ever made an ukulele cdlc. Now with the external mic function it should be no problem. You could also make it on the guitar path and just use the upper 4 strings - but yes it would make most sense with bass. There are a lot of ukulele youtubers and fans - maybe Ubisoft also thought about implementing Ukulele at one point.... should be no problem - and this would open the game to a wider public and create adiditional income. I could imagine that this also would be something for the iOs version. Even my girlfrie
  9. Ah so its just for visual/playability reasons? As a frethand mute still sounds different on each fret, "anywhere" seems somehow unsatisfying ;-) But thanks!
  10. Hey there! So I wonder about this for a long time and it never seemed that important to me but I regulary had this during the last days in official dlc and cdlc. I couldn't find a good answer searching for it here or on google. How do I play open notes frethand muted? How do I do this with guitar and especially with bass? The game often shows specifically on which fret I should mute the notes with "normal" frethand muted notes/chords, so where the hack do I have to frethand mute open notes? A logical answer for me would be with the right hand but then there should be a palm mute symbol, no
  11. Please bring back the old search -what kind of security issues were these?Ignition is so hard to handle... I cant log in... or get signed out immediately i have to close and restart the browser to make a new search because for some reason after I deleted what i searched before and type in something new it wont search for it.... i cant't filter for artist, albums or creators directly.... If i filter for an album by going over these new pop-up windows it only shows records with the exact same writing so I cant see records that may have the album name somehow different.... in the old search thi
  12. I totaly share beyondtools opinion on this... i also noticed that songs that I saw for the first time days ago are still in bold letters although I visited the site several times since then. Please also bring back the fast filter system like in the old search... just bring back the old search:-) it was so fast, easy to use and also easy on the eyes...
  13. Is there a reason why the old search was abandoned? I always checked for new songs on my mobile... with ignition everything loads much longer also the mobile screen isn't big enough to show from which album a song is...only artist and title can be seen.. i cant zoom in or out... could you maybe make the letters less fat or smaller or something? Desktop mode doesn't help...
  14. Also got a question about that: A reverse slide is a slide into a note right? When I try to add it to a note nothing happens... How can I add a short slide into a note (from left or from right....) (in Guitar Pro this would be "slide into" but depending on the length of the note this slide gets too long because it slides over the lenght of the note it slides into.... i want to slide into the note first and then sustain it) Thanks!
  15. Hi there, I'm working on a custom and want to add leading silence... when I add 3000 ms (no re-encoding) the chart gets somehow shifted and nothing works any more... I downloaded the hotfix - it now tells me that the leading silence operation has failed. Has anybody experienced this and maybe knows a solution? Thanks!
  16. This sounds complicated as hell.... are you some math/coding-genius or something?
  17. droxid

    New guitar!

    Google says this Guitar is new 429€ ... is it very used/old/broken?
  18. has anybody also encountered that GPA just doesn't finish the export? ther bar never goes all the way and it just exports gp5 and mp3... no xml file...
  19. Thank you for all thosetones! So I am looking right now for a tone for my newest project - I am looking for a tone that sounds similar to a keyboard synthesizer - in an ambient, outerspace-like way: Im refering to seconds 23 - 37 in the video. Maybe somebody has a tone in mind which I could pick out from this amazing collection. Thanks!
  20. Well, you'll see if it imports correctly, mostly it should work. Unwinding repeats is useful also for phrase/section markers and because real songs tend to do variations. Fixing multiple identical sections by copy-pasting is also easy so there's no huge reason to keep them. I really don't remeber, it might even be corrupting EOF or maybe that was another bug. Anyway it's better to resave as GP4/GP5 to avoid issues. ok - thanks! yeah i normally would copy-paste the sections but I somehow just looked at the gp-file in GPA and there the repeats were not visible... so I started syncing and re
  21. Hello again! One question: If I don't replace any repeats will it get imported incorrectly? Because in GPA it seems fine... did you have any issues with that? And what was the problem with gp3? Because right now I am workign with a gp3... should I just save it as gp5?
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