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  1. Happy Birthday urworstknight!

  2. Happy Birthday urworstknight!

  3. Sorry for the delay it will get done I have to start from Jimi Hendrix till now it will be up soon Sent from my LGLS620
  4. Sorry have been extremely busy I will update Monday the 30th. Sent from my LGLS620
  5. sorry I already did reach out, way back in march i think. but you are welcome to make it better
  6. thanks!! (sorry my backspaced killed some of your msg, i did unpack those but i must have miss read something. i will happily take anything you think will make this process easier lol just input the info from the jsons into the tone maker or just import the json? i want the tone from the whale game but yeah ninja is sweet!!
  7. excellent suggestions! thanks i'll reorder them by artist most likely this weekend. i tried google but couldn't find the tool you spoke of, i would love the mass import option, i used a macros recorder to import and save the tones, would you happen to know where session and guitarcade tones are hidden? i unpacked nearly every psarc file in my rs directory lol
  8. this package is all the tones from rs1 and rs2014 including all dlc up till Dec 2014 i will update it at the end up the month with the newest dlcs with a separate zip. the main is zip is 1.50 mb so it shouldn't take up much room. unzipped is about 8-9 mb. http://www.mediafire.com/download/d811ur1ra2rkg7d/RS2014_TONES.rar unzip, to a familiar place, import into toolkit in the tones section!! 1,741 tones!!! if i missed any please pm me and let me know i will fix it, sorry if i did miss any there was tons. enjoy!! *mods are welcome to edit this post into a tutorial or however they please, also welcome to add this into the toolkit*
  9. yes but that hasn't been updated in a year. plus as soon as i find them i will add the guitarcade and session mode tones.
  10. Hi i just spent the last 24hrs extracting ALL the tones from rocksmith, i'd like to share these with everybody for easy use of pre-made tones. i was wondering which section i should post such a thing..thanks!! by all tones i mean rs1 on disc and dlc an rs2014 disc and all dlc up to date. also would be excited if it was integrated into toolkit...
  11. i trust ya, thanks for the reply, you can delete that big post :)
  12. i love DR strings!!! i use heavy neon greens!! their strings feel so smooth!
  13. http://download1336.mediafire.com/761mp8lchyhg/5a2pdt8dy09mup7/dkqss.zip i didn't make it but it sounds close
  14. Could you post a link, as I am not home yet please and thank you.Sent from my SCH-S720C
  15. Maybe a printable check list? Tuning Tone Sync Etc? Just a idea although printing isn't needed just transfer it to a handheld, thanks for letting me join the team!! Will get started asap tonight Sent from my SCH-S720C
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