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  1. I currently am in your exact same position Spiritofcat, i just got a digital piano (Korg sp170s) and im constantly using synthesia, one tip i can give you is to use the words "midi synthesia" in youtube search, a looot of the tutorials there have download links to the midis they show, also this: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110826193242AApRWgr good luck!
  2. BIIIIIIIIIG EDIT on the first post, please check it out, also, ill be back by the beginning of the next month (work work work work right now xD) haha see ya guys thanks for everything specially to Oloring :).
  3. Thanks a lot Olorin and, so far, i think everyone can add to the list? i have a backup in case someone screws with it, still thanks i really wanna play some guitar but i havent even had time for that haha im losing my callouses! xD
  4. Guys since im very very busy and have little time to dedicate (i havent played RS in a while), i made the googledocs editable by anyone so please go ahead and report over there, ill be coming here every now and then but until the end of this month i might have some more free time, sorry for this, wish me luck xD.
  5. ill try to get some testing this week but man, ive been constantly getting derailed, havent even played much RS 2014 lately haha, will do my best :).
  6. Bump for edited description in the first post.
  7. ahem... you guys do know theres this: http://customsforge.com/topic/1621-the-testers-list/ right? Let us know if you need anything over at that thread or PM us (the guys on that list)
  8. Would very much appreciate your support in testing but as your video recording idea, i cant agree with, just imagine someone doing a WIP recording again and again with every little change they make, it would be so tiring, as for guidelines i suggest just keep it simple and relaxed, if you want to test check out our google docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqgJhtukD_LedE85eVg4V3E2TjlZZ0t0RFJnNlZSU1E&usp=sharing%C2%A0 See how we review each CDLC, we focus on commenting specific things on each arrangement, from tone, to volume, to precision over the "tablature" markings, etc, if you test something PM me your results so i can add the to the google docs, see ya :).
  9. Sorry it took a couple of weeks but between work, family and hospital i didnt had much time, but im a bit free now and managed to test dave´s CDLCs, also i got a piano and im learning how to play it xD haha. Will update the google docs.
  10. Dont worry Olorin, this is a relaxed thing, test when you feel you can do it ;) ill be testing tomorrow, cheers.
  11. Ill get on em this weekend, thanks for pointing them out.
  12. Bass is good but lead and rhythm tabs are sooo wierd, lots of silence and... weird xD, i would try to get a guitar pro tab and figure out lead and rhythm properly, i might be wrong but maan did it felt weird playing this, if you feel uncomfortable adding other arrangements than bass i would suggest doing just bass and specifying that you are ok (provided that you are haha) with someone else adding those arrangements in your comments, good luck and keep up the good work :).
  13. Awesome, please do, just remember to do it via PM so that i notice and add your input in the googledoc :). Its been in the first post of this topic for a couple of days now.
  14. You cant see the googledoc in your handheld?
  15. Thats the thing, so far anyone can become a tester, everyone hears the guitar tone differently, everyone plays differently with different music tastes, that plus other things will tend to make testing results quite a bit variable (if unreliable) but with enough testing in a single CDLC you can get a general idea specially by reading the tester´s comments on the CDLC DB entry page... TLDR: i suggest a qualitative approach instead of a quantitative one, easier to weedout trolls or inexperienced testers without denying the chance of becoming better at it. Also: so far i think im the only one that can change that datasheet, if anyone wants to add something to it you can do it via PM 8-), thats how Olorin is doing it.
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