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  1. Happy Birthday justgimmethefunk!

  2. Happy Birthday justgimmethefunk!

  3. Finally got my own soul/funk band started!

    1. Billkwando


      Now you have to buy a Warwick! :p

    2. Collector


      Nice, Dude. Best of luck!

    3. xXDeadeyeXx


      That's cool, man.

  4. Learning new songs to join a new band...

    1. Collector


      Nice!!!! Best of Luck!

    2. Dnliten1


      hey brotha, just omething iwondering if u take any request......snarky puppy something in common, and angela bofill i try......if not i understand peace

  5. Thanks for the link @@firekorn ! I'll go check it out This is one of my favorite songs to play on bass
  6. Same rationale for the bass. You should probably travel with some of the most popular bass lines like Pink Floyd's 'Money', Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust', The Beatles' 'Come Together' or The Temptations' 'My Girl' but also some more advanced or even hardcore stuff like anything played by Flea, James Jamerson, Jaco Pastorius... AND be sure to bring some ultra-fast metal. Unlike you @@manchot66 I'm pretty sure that everybody in this kind of festivals wants to get crazy and pretend they're playing in a trash metal band for 5 minutes!! I'd recommend 'Refuse/Resist' by Sepultura or the lik
  7. Hi, My only guess is...the oog file you used has a shorter running time. EOF doesn't edit audio files on its own.
  8. Thank you. So I'll remove the header and tab the notes in a different way
  9. I'm trying to post a picture of what the tab looks like but the pic doesn't show Here's the link : http://imgur.com/AvldYQm
  10. Hello, I have a bass tab with syncopated 8th notes and when I imported the gp5 file into EOF it ended up as standard 8th notes. Is there an option somewhere to have EOF accept these notes? Thank you!
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