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  1. Hi, I'm no longer creating any new CDLCs however I have a bunch of very accurate bass tabs for Arctic Monkeys songs so if anybody needs help with this just send a message over to me.
  2. Happy Birthday justgimmethefunk!

    1. Spinstar62


      do you have a tab for Angela Bofil's I Try?

  3. Happy Birthday justgimmethefunk!

  4. Hi everyone I started playing RS again after a long period of time. I found out that none of my CDLCs will play in RS Remastered (the game freezes after tuning) while the ODLCs and game songs are working just fine. So I'm guessing there is a patch or something like this that must be installed for the pre-Remastered CDLCs to work with the game. What would that be ? If this has been addressed in another thread, and it probably has been, can someone please direct me to this thread. Thank you J
  5. Finally got my own soul/funk band started!

    1. Billkwando


      Now you have to buy a Warwick! :p

    2. Collector


      Nice, Dude. Best of luck!

    3. xXDeadeyeXx


      That's cool, man.

  6. I joined a new band recently, learning/practicing the new songs takes most of my free time and I just can't maintain this thread any longer. So I will gladly pass the torch to anyone who's willing to keep the soul/funk list updated
  7. Learning new songs to join a new band...

    1. Collector


      Nice!!!! Best of Luck!

    2. Dnliten1


      hey brotha, just omething iwondering if u take any request......snarky puppy something in common, and angela bofill i try......if not i understand peace

  8. Here are 2 videos of James Jamerson in the studio recording with the Temptations : https://youtu.be/vh_Qg4CbM8Q
  9. Wowwww man, what a beauty!! I really love that combination of the olympic white body and the tortoise pickguard.
  10. Hello My modest contribution to your list would be Blues Dance Raid by Steel Pulse and Burnin' & Lootin' by The Wailers.
  11. List has been updated with all the ABBA songs posted by @@Stowy plus a few others Also, Jamiroquai finally made their way to the list!
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