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  1. I thought about that, but I assume at least some of those bands (notably The Beatles & Metallica) were only willing to license their music because they got an entire game with just their songs (or songs they picked themselves), and had extra special goodies like custom themes & video/animation stuff built into it. I also wouldn't be surprised if their licenses were exclusive for a certain period of time, meaning those songs (or possibly any of their songs) couldn't appear on any other games. I asked about this in the comments on one of Dan's posts somewhere, but just got the very gener
  2. I was bored & curious (a dangerous combination, lol) so I figured I'd do a breakdown of how many bands have only builtin songs, only DLC, or both. This is current as of today (up to/including the 38 Special DLC) and includes all RS2012 & 2014 builtin songs (minus the unlockable ones, as those are all by Ubi employees) and all DLC (except for the Bachsmith & Holiday packs, same reason). Artist name variations are grouped, so "Tom Petty" & "Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers" are counted as the same artist- same for Jimi Hendrix/Experience, Santana feat. Rob Thomas, etc. RS2012 bu
  3. I think it's still "up to the creator", but they may have changed their suggested workflow. Past official DLCs would sometimes have one of the 3 missing (resulting in an X if you were on the missing lead/rhythm/bass path), but recently it seems they've been duplicating the guitar for both paths if there's only 1 guitarist & no overdubs (the Primus pack does this, making lead & rhythm identical), and in at least one case even writing a bass line for a song that didn't have bass in it originally (can't remember which song, but I remember them mentioning it).
  4. Apparently I started replying to this a while back & then switched tabs & forgot about it. XD I'd say they should be blank by default, unless the overall handshape fingering changes. So something like E A A4 A A2 A (*A4 = Asus4) 0--------0--------0--0-|-0-----------0--------0- 0--0-----0--------0--0-|-2-----2-----3--2--0--2- 1--1--------1--1--1--1-|-2--2--2-----2--2--2--2- 2--2--2-----2--2--2--2-|-2--2--2--2--2-----2---- 2-----2-----2--2--2--2-|-0--0-----0--0---------- 0--------------0--0--0-|------------------------ [handshape...........] [h
  5. What EOF version are you using, & what's the exact error message you're getting? The ogg libraries should be bundled into the EOF package...
  6. Yes- I noticed this as well on my Experiment custom, which was edited manually before the ghost handshape was added to EOF.
  7. OK- the 'bad' version of the dlc.xml has a <Showlights>false</Showlights> line in it, and there's a cst_showlights.xml file (only generated/used by the newer toolkit)- are these causing the crash? Also, sorry but what's CTD?
  8. I've been having issues w/ newer versions of the toolkit on Mac. Anything I generate with seems to work fine (my folder is dated April 1st), but newer versions (including the latest 2015-10-15 build) generate files that crashes Rocksmith after tuning. Any ideas? I'm installing the Mac package & running it through wine, since that's always seemed to work better... I noticed a few differences in the dlc.xml file- namely that the TonesRS2014 xmlns link changed from RocksmithToolkitLib.DLCPackage.Manifest.Tone to RocksmithToolkitLib.DLCPackage.Manifest2014.Tone, and there ar
  9. I think this is the same thing I asked for in this thread, which is now implemented (although I haven't gotten around to testing it yet): http://customsforge.com/topic/22596-handshapearpeggio-for-multiple-notes-at-a-time/
  10. The submission page has a bunch of checkboxes for capo, slide, 5/6/7/12/heavy gauge string, and tremolo bar- how about adding one (or 2?) to suggest upright/fretless bass? Just submitted 2 Soul Coughing songs, which are played on an upright acoustic, and are much more fun/appropriate to play in RS on the same. :D I'd imagine the official Rock This Town DLC would apply as well.
  11. 1. In my final xml, for the timestamp listed, all I have is the chord/chordNote block and the handShape entry below, nothing for that time under notes. 2. Assuming the above example, where the inner/sub-chords retain the same fingering as the base chord, I'd leave the sub-chord displays blank (since they're just parts of the full chord) to avoid confusion. For instances where there's a slight variation within the chord (like in More Than a Feeling where it goes from Asus4 to A or whatever it is inside the arpeggio section) it could be useful to display the variation, but for really quick ham
  12. Right- the chord section would remain the same, but the chordId in the handshapes would all be set to 0. Repeated chords within the group could show up as empty panes, but different sub-chords would obviously need to show the note gems, but ideally with the same handshape/fingering & surrounding pane. You can see the finished song & how it's supposed to show up here: Arpeggios w/ repeated sub-chords from 1:21-23 & 1:23-25, and the above pattern from ~1:26-28 (then the sequence repeats several times). I did find that after all that manual editing, it screwed up how the DDC aut
  13. Is that python script available anywhere? Would be curious to see what's being generated. Yeah, looks like a few characters are missing in that screenshot. :D I don't know how the .sng files are structured, but does looking at the official in-game "Ultra Soul" files help at all? That one has a working jvocal...
  14. As in GP files, or pdfs of the book scans? I've got CATALOGUE & Mona Lisa Overdrive as hard copies, and a few other songs as either photocopies, photos from the books, or GPx files. But most of the songs I'm really interested in (inc. everything from 十三階は月光 on) don't have score books available. :D
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