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  1. @@raynebc, I was thinking more about how two consecutive, identical chords already create a repeat box automatically, and are connected by the blue phrase line ingame. Instead of using an arpeggio or a handshape, maybe there could be a new mark, similar to crazy, for a note or a different chord to be ignored by this phrase, as if it's on its own "voice", eg. the orange notes in my screenshot. (If it was a chord it would obviously have to be split up. So it'd work like an arpeggio/handshape does. It'd just be based off the normal, automatic phrase that gets created so it allows for repeat boxes and stuff.)
  2. Sounds great, thanks @@raynebc But I think I can explain one of my first questions better. Is there something that works the opposite way as crazy, so instead of forcing a new chord box it forces a repeat box? So it would ignore notes that are different than the original chord. That way for a chord phrase you aren't limited to only playing that chord, you can have other notes within that phrase but when you actually repeat the chord it can just be a repeat box instead of a whole new chord phrase? Like this... http://i61.tinypic.com/xpse9l.png The actual "chord" is the purple and green, and there are repeat boxes despite the orange notes. In this case all three strings are part of the fingering. It's almost similar to an arpeggio... buuuuuut it isn't technically Is this possible in EOF? Or would you have to edit the xml and do something like set highDensity to 1? I'm not home right now so I can't test that yet but if you have any tips I would very much appreciate it
  3. @@raynebc, I think I figured part of it out... You know how when you hover your mouse over the piano roll, it shows a line that snaps to the grid snap based on your mouse's x position? Newly added notes will be as long as your grid snap only if you have your mouse over the piano roll. If your mouse is somewhere else, new notes will use the last grid snap you used before you moved your mouse away. (I only tried this with Feedback input) So, say your grid snap is 1/8 and your mouse is over the piano roll, new notes should be 1/8 long. Say you move your mouse off the EOF window or something and switch the grid snap to 1/12. New notes will still be 1/8 long. You can step through the track at the correct grid snap but until you move your mouse back over the piano roll the note length will stay the same no matter what you set your grid snap to. I'm still not sure what sets the length to 1ms... unless there's a keyboard shortcut for that user preference that I hit on accident?
  4. @@Alex360 setting it through the menu fixes it. But sometimes I'll be on 1/16 or something and I'll switch to 1/8 but the note lengths will stay at 1/16, or sometimes it will go down to 1ms. I don't know if there's a key that makes that happen because I must have hit it on accident. But once the note lengths start ignoring the grid snap, using left/right arrow keys doesn't fix it (I use Feedback input mode), but Edit > Grid Snap does...
  5. Thanks, that worked perfectly! What exactly does crazy do? Does it just ignore matching chords and force a new chord box? Also, how do you pre-set the length of notes before you place them? I know in the preferences you can default each note to 1ms but how do you set your own duration? Every time I want an eighth note for example I have to manually use the mouse wheel
  6. Thanks for your help, but placing a handshape didn't work like I expected: http://i58.tinypic.com/33jjy1f.png http://i62.tinypic.com/fjevli.png The first pair of chords display as normal, and both pairs are separate now. But the first chord in the second pair doesn't have a chord box or chord name like the one in the first pair, and since it's "crazy" the notes also have a sustain tail. I could fix that by making it 1ms long, but how can I make it a "new" chord box like the first one?
  7. Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I'm fairly new to CDLC, but after a couple weeks I think I get the whole process pretty well. I'm still getting used to Editor on Fire, especially since most tutorials revolve around importing Guitar Pro tabs while I prefer inputting the notes directly into EOF. I understand beat mapping, sustaining notes, bends, slides, fret hand positions, tech notes, all that good stuff. There are some things I have a few questions about though: 1. Is there a way to remove chord names on double stops? http://i61.tinypic.com/333ecue.png Or even chord names on any kind of chord? But double stops especially shouldn't have names, right? My workaround has been to go to Note > Edit Name and type a space " " which would clear it, and it seems to look fine ingame. Is there a better way to do this? 2. How do you work with chord "phrases"? There's probably a better term for that... By "chord phrase" I mean the blue lines that extend from a chord outline, and the "blank" outlines mean you repeat the same chord, until the phrase ends. The repeated chords are slashes [/] in EOF. http://i57.tinypic.com/2uoj62x.png In this example, the first [A5] starts a chord phrase and the [/] repeats that chord. The palm mutes cut the phrase off, and a new phrase starts with the second [A5] and [/]. How can I make it so these two phrases are connected as one phrase? The second [A5] would then be another [/] instead and the palm mutes would be "extra" notes within the phrase. I've seen some songs do this (watch the intro of Dream On). I think it looks better and smarter that way. http://i62.tinypic.com/23rpwjn.png On the other hand... here are two pairs of [E5] chords. As you can see there's a gap between the first pair and the second. But the second pair is just more [/], meaning it continues from the first pair, and ingame these pairs are part of the same chord phrase and connected regardless of the gap between them. How can I split these pairs into two separate chord phrases, even though they're the same chord? http://i62.tinypic.com/v3h8gx.jpg 3. And finally... how do I fix this? I pressed the wrong button too many times and I flipped it upside down hahaha
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