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  1. A bad week for the freebirds of the world. 1) RIP Robbie Shakespeare (Sly & Robbie, Black Uhuru, Grace Jones, and many others) . Suitable CDLC for his tribute are sorely lacking. 2) RIP Mike Nesmith. The Monkees were part of my childhood (yes I am an old and gristly freebird), but he wrote and performed a lot of great material. sight read of Different Drum (holy smokes Linda Ronstadt has a great voice) Once through RR, then sight read of I'm a Believer We stand on the shoulders of giants, but those giants are dwindling in numbers.
  2. I didn't read through every post this week. Did we miss the 8th anniversary of the Championship?
  3. Forgot to transfer my screen shots to the cloud... Gimme Shelter on bass 100% Beast of Burden on bass 99% (There's one syncopation that I never get right)
  4. Aw Crud. Tributes are required. I won't be home until late. Someone please get a start on this. Charlie Watts RIP
  5. 100% on bass on La Grange and Tush. RIP Dusty.
  6. RIP Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/zz-top-bassist-dusty-hill-dead-dies-1235029656/ Prepare for off topic tribute posts, because FreeBirds do that. Add your own if you feel inclined to be a temporary FreeBird minion. Take that FreeBird Police.
  7. I can't resist playing Eddie Cochran tunes (Summertime Blues) - 100% Or the Joan Jett cover - 100% I only got Summer Nights up to 99.7%. I'll post a screen shot when I make 100.
  8. This Life on my hollow archtop bass VI @ 98.5%. I had to transpose the last few sections to the higher strings below the 12th fret because there is no cutaway and that's where the neck meets the body.
  9. Life on Mars? - I'm in! Have a Cigar - I'm in deep. Riverman sounds cool and worth some effort. Acoustic versions incoming! Oh, and a hollow archtop bass VI build in progress because I just can't help myself - Take THAT FreeBird Police.
  10. I got Iris on bass up to 100% pretty quickly. I'll try to work on Poison Arrow this week, but not using the acoustic - I'll dust off one of the Bass VIs.
  11. Oooh - excellent choice for advanced bass.
  12. Thanks @Rodman I'm still woodshedding on it. Both acoustically and amplified, it is intolerant of fingering sloppiness. You can hear every squeak and clank. I'll report back after I shed a few lazy habits. Maybe I'll experiment with some form of string mute too. And thanks for reminding me. I need to make an addendum to my pervious post... Take that FreeBird police!
  13. I need to get adjusted to my new bass, so I'll jump in on Daft Punk this week. First off, I just finished building this acoustic thunderbird 5 and strung it BEADG. I'm not used to the tuning, string spacing or scale, so This will take some work. so far, I'm up to 98.3% Here's a link to the thread with picture of the bass https://www.tdpri.com/threads/2021-winter-build-off-thunderbird-5.1057864/page-6 Edit - the whole build thread is in Link # 4 of my signature VVVVVVV
  14. Can you throw a tribute in the mx: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/hilton-valentine-animals-guitarist-dead-obit-1121412/ The guitar intro to House of the Rising Sun is probably the most recognizable intro in the British Invasion. RIP Hilton Valentine
  15. RS crashed an lost the screen shot, but trust me... Sleigh Ride on Bass = 100% I'm FreeBird, so my score doesn't matter, but for the record, Ping's score is slightly higher. A FreeBird Christmas to all!
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