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  1. I forgot how much I liked Zebra from week 363. It will take some work to get my performance up to snuff, though. The 98.5 is my best from week 363. This time, I'm starting in the mid 90s
  2. I'm surprised by how little of The Band's material has been transcribed to CDLC. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, on bass 99%
  3. And for the record, Knocking on Heaven's Door doesn't count because that was before Bob Dylan hired the Hawks away from Ronnie Hawkins.
  4. Of course, I will have to play Rick Danko's parts.
  5. RIP Robbie Robertson Another giant has gone "somewhere down the lazy river". Freebird hi-jack to follow when I get to my man-cave.
  6. Those are some great scores on Rudy Can't Fail. I had that song in my regular rotation for years (years ago) and never came close to those sight reads. I could never get all of the slides right. Is this a different version than what we played in week 84? I've downloaded this one to compare. Edit - Yup, same version and I still can't get the slides from G# to C at any speed.
  7. I don't normally paly anything that isn't in bass E standard, but my last build was made for D standard with a capo allowance for Eb or E. The Gorillaz show that I went to before Covid was great, so I couldn't resist...
  8. Now I can get to work on a tribute to Tina.
  9. I played this one on Saturday but never got around to posting it: I haven't played this on in a year or two, so I'm working to get back up to speed.
  10. Freebird Bassist Week HI-Jack!!! Every bassist with a shred of Rock and Roll "I do whatever I want" attitude, drop what you are doing! Go to this link. @ JamesPrestonUK has published thousands of bass CDLC. Scroll down to #s 2247 through 2252 For tributes to Tina. Play and post tributes in this thread using those CDLC. Thanks @ JamesPrestonUK . & Take THAT Freebird police.
  11. No help! Does nobody read the news?!? FFS! Her husband recorded what has been cited at the FIRST R&R single with Rocket 88. (BTW, How is this not a CDLC?) Her solo catalogue overshadows anything else that he did, or that they did together. To paraphrase a line from the show Roadies, "If you are going to stand on the shoulders of giants, you should at least know who they are". RIP Tina Turner
  12. I'm away from my computer. Can someone please post the latest loss of one of our giants? This one is huge.
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