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  1. i approve of the image presented to us... that's precisely what i was hoping for
  2. so, i noticed there's a videos dropdown that takes you to "live streams" which is super cool, but what we REALLY need is to be able to get a number bloopty saying how many live streams are currently running so at any time people could see that there is one, and go check it out. i think it'd be cool to just have a little notifier to really get your attention when there's live action going on. shouldn't be too hard to add in either, let me know what you guys think!!!
  3. as someone who has also been alone in chat, i highly recommend avoiding it... you don't wanna be the only person in the room with the guy who didn't read the FAQ and wants answers to stuff
  4. So, short story short, i really want to make a CDLC of this song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkrSMtCCK9M (stickerbrush symphony from Donkey Kong Country 2) but there is not a tab to be found for this specific version, and if someone around here was good at tabbing stuff by ear or any of that, i would be eternally grateful to you and give you my first second and third born children as payment. THIS SONG IS FREAKING AWESOME so i really hope i can get some help with the tab!! =] thanks everyone!!
  5. I know that but a Complete song according to Ubisoft and its DLC is a Song with All parts (with some bonuses why not)VocalsRRDDSo why an approved song wouldn't be an ubisoft's DLC like ? An approved Custom would be as good as an official one ! Otherwise what is the point of an approved section if it's not to have a repository of Fully Completed in all way DLC ? the purpose of an approved list should serve two fold as a way to weed out well done portions of songs in specific instruments, as well as to archive entirely complete songs, but saying that a song has to have all parts in order to
  6. in terms of obscurity, ALL SONGS THAT ARE SUBMITTED WILL BE TESTED... there's no way around that... it will be a lot of testing, but it's the only fair way to make it happen. there shouldn't be any issue on things getting approved based on how well liked the song is
  7. alright... couple of things i mentioned in chat, but wanted it to get put up here so people can think on it a bit. 1. the idea of this is really good, makes sense, but should be further diversified IMO... let me explain - it's been explained that the approval hinges on hard factors such as the completeness of the chart in terms of instruments, this makes sense and is nice, but should be its own sub-category for a couple of reasons. those reasons are as follows. 2. reason list =p - lots of songs don't have all parts involved, or some people may not be able to find certain tabs or what
  8. i appreciate the lack of context here =p let your imagination run WILD
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