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  1. I have those on my bass at the moment, and they are awesome. The sound and the quality of the string is very good. They glow but only under UV or UV-A.(blacklight) http://imgur.com/PFUIxTW.jpg You have these on a bass? are you sure?
  2. For me the neck is paramount, I like fat necks, I have big hands and they cramp up playing on skinny necks. Steve Vai, on the other hand, loves skinney necks, but he's weird! So find a neck your hands feel comfy with. Also, I like heavy guitars, they sustain for ages, Angus Young, on the other hand, likes light guitars, but he's only 3'4" tall :) So find a weight and a neck you're happy with. Expensive guitars are expensive because they use expensive woods and expensive components, but mostly they are expensive because of the name written on the headstock! Any, well almost any, guitar can be set up by a semi competant luthier to play well, true the components might break, like the person above with the dodgy pick up. But for learning get a cheap and cheerful guitar that feels good in your hand, if you enjoy playing you will pretty quickly know what you want and can start saving your pennies to get one. But if guitar is not the thing for you then a cheap guitar with a good setup won't bankrupt you :)
  3. I play one of these http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/attachments/gibson-les-pauls/110287d1393931759-post-your-family-photos-2014-p1000537.jpg and one of these http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/attachments/gibson-les-pauls/110288d1393931803-post-your-family-photos-2014-p1000613.jpg
  4. I have a Gibson Les Paul Traditional it weighs in at 9lb 2oz has a 50's style neck, a little fatter than usual Gibsons, one piece back AAA flame maple cap, Klusons blah blah blah. I love it, I've had too many guitars and this is the one I stick with, the feel of the neck, for me, is very important. I used to have a Strat, but it felt like a toy by comparison, it was sold quickly! The sustain, from the mass, of the Gibson is unreal, it goes on for about 3 weeks :) And thats without high output pups, mine are 57plus R&T respectively and the strings are custom lights Les Paul Sigs 9 ~52. So to reiterate get a fat Gibson and you will never buy another guitar, unless you are a weak willed consumeristic fool like me :) http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/attachments/gibson-les-pauls/110287d1393931759-post-your-family-photos-2014-p1000537.jpg
  5. I saw these on Ebay, I nearly wet myself laughing. However someone might find them useful ... http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Rocksmith-Compatible-Multi-Coloured-Electric-Guitar-strings-/00/s/NzAwWDcwMA==/z/H9wAAOxyV-xR5mpP/$%28KGrHqRHJBYFHKZ0oeO8BR5mpPicw%21~~60_12.JPG
  6. wow ... and i thought it was going to be be easy :geek:
  7. hmm, that didn't work so well :???:
  8. I thought about donating then decided to withdraw $10 instead, I'll be back for more soon :cool:
  9. I guess there must be many ways to make the videos you people put on here, so what is the easiest way to make high quality videos that I can upload to here/youtube etc? Thanks
  10. wont this mean a lot of work for someone, or several someones? how do you make sure they dont get bored and stop doing it?
  11. i use jazz III for for lead/solo and purple dunlop gels for strumming and acoustic, they really stick to your finger and thumb after they warm up :)
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