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  1. Happy Birthday steroma!

  2. Happy Birthday steroma!

  3. Happy Birthday steroma!

  4. Happy Birthday steroma!

  5. Happy Birthday steroma!

  6. I gave 10$ few days ago... no need to thank me cause I got so much fun here...
  7. I'm afraid we have here 2 visions of the purpose of an "approved section". On the one's hand: a kind of flattery for the ego of creators. ("I made the perfect full custom with everything like UBI...") On the other hand: something to help people to enjoy the rocksmith experience. ( "I've try to make a good and usefull custom that people can download and use...") That's why my idea of 3 "levels" of customs could please everyone: amature, advanced, and hardcore creators... and of course players ;).
  8. P.S: what about 3 sections: 1 customs in progress 2 approved customs 3 awarded or 1st class customs for CDLC known for its pro quality?
  9. The fact that a song will not be approved doesn't mean it's a bad custom. It should only tell people that it's not approved yet... Being approved is an honnor but not be isn't a shame. Probably, too difficult or confidential songs won't be approved... so what? These songs are for advanced players, they could try it themselfs and be aware if it is ok or not... I think that approved section shoud tell to beginners or intermediate players "you can download this one, you wont loose your time in learning something that is not good or not true or not complete" I think that a good custom with onl
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