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  1. Happy Birthday jimb008!

  2. Happy Birthday jimb008!

  3. Hi guys, Ive joined the fantasy league. Looks like there is only the 2 of us there so far. Hopefully a few more of you guys will join. Maybe if we could get a forum announcement? Liverpool fan here. Looking forward to winning this "friendly" final tonight
  4. Hi, I'm James. 29yr old in Rochdale, Near Manchester, England. I first started playing back in High School but my learning stalled, massively, when I left. We mainly just learnt Oasis songs. just a few chord changes and a few scales and not a lot else from there. So even having a guitar for all the years I didn't really play an awful lot. Until RS2012 came out. I had it on pre-order as soon as I heard about it. now I cant go a day with out it. I totally love it. Away from RS i'm married. work near enough 50hrs per week for the local government. Also run a website selling/designing (amateur home taught graphics designer. Ish) magic tricks. I wont post a link here. That would just be plain old rude. This place is just awesome. Second website I visit each day. The first being the news to make sure there is still a world outside the window. Because if there isn't I sure as hell aint getting out of bed. Nice to meet Y'all Peace Out James
  5. Here's My List, a little me extensive than others. Guess I got a little carried away. But I guess it shows variety of style. I don't always play the songs I enjoy listening to the most or favourite song, but those I actually enjoy playing. That really make me put my rock face on and start jamming out - in the kitchen haha. Iron Maiden - The Trooper - 38 - 87.0% Velvet Revolver - Slither - 35 - 83.5% RHCP - Scar Tissue - 32 - 84.5% Ozzy Osbourne - Mr Crowley - 28 - 68.7% GnR - November Rain - 23 - 79.9% GnR - Estranged -23 - 75.2% Kinda Always play these 3 together - Sad, I know haha GnR - Don't Cry - 23 - 67.7% Metallica - Enter Sandman - 20 - 85.9 Metallica - Seek And Destroy - 20 - 82.9% Again Played together Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark - 15 - 90.0%
  6. Me too Ally, in Manchester... Only 3rd time for me tho. Cannot wait!!!
  7. It did finally turn up today. Great Little Pack... Now to try to learn Annastasia
  8. Ahh thanks guys, thought it was just me. First official DLC that has caught my eye since the Iron Maiden pack.
  9. Hi Guys, was wondering if you can help me. I have paid for the Slash song pack on steam but these are showing as locked in the game. I do have quite an extensive collection of CDLC but I did remove any Slash Dupes before buying. Any suggestions?
  10. I have both; Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar - Cherry Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar - Vintage Sunburst The SG is by far my favorite. but for my ultimate ever dream guitar it just has to be Gibson 1957 Les Paul 2013 Reissue - VOS - Dark Back - Gold Top Just wish I had the cash to splash. But the Epiphones do the job for me. I have had Fenders (School Loaned) in the past but never been as comfortable with them as i am with my Epiphones
  11. Hmmm tough one to narrow down. for me im thinking Jimmy Page Jimi Hendrix Slash Mark Knopfler And for the reserves: James Hetfield Zakk Wild Eric Clapton Eddie Van Halen Now to imagine all 8 on stage having a 4v4 shred off. Wow
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