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    Rocksmith 2014, a 1999 Yamaha TRX-850 motorcycle, my puter and life.
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  1. Happy Birthday Nitemares!

  2. Happy Birthday Nitemares!

  3. No worries Dean. I just needed to say thank you to the people that produce the wonderful music for the rest of us to play.....in my case....badly. Thank You all again, Greg
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, I jumped on the CDLC search this morning and found about 30 songs I liked and grabbed them. (In about 5 mins mind you.) That would have cost me heaps on STEAM. (If the songs were even there.) Last month I tossed some money in the pot and today I have tossed a little more. Though neither amount will break the bank, I think that if we all toss a little each month into the pot....like an Everquest subscription idea....but less cost....then how could we go wrong. This is such a wonderful resource and the members work really hard at adding new items all the time. I love this place. Let us all jump in and keep Customs Forge rolling along. Thanks again to the site developers, mods, contributors and donors....I am just a user of the service and happy to pay for something that works well. :) Greg
  5. Hello to all, and it is nice to see us all here. I have been spreading the word of Rocksmith and Customs Forge far and wide downunder. I have also been a little busy myself. I have now possession of 10 guitars....having built three bass guitars myself in that lot. Some were cheap, some I fixed, some I made....but love them all. One day a big Gibson or Fender will grace my house. But until then I can dream and follow along to Rocksmith. :) Greg
  6. Awesome effort guys. Have really been enjoying the BASS side of things on Rocksmith....emulated....and thought about buying one. Was looking at a Yamaha TRBX-174. Then decided to build one. Got a DIY kit and have tried my hand, badly, at staining. Doing the TRU-OIL finish. Did three coats of oil today, 3 more days the same to go and she will be up and running. It is a RBX style Bass kit with both precission and jazz pick-ups. Has been fun so far....I can sand and solder well....just my wood staining is crap. Maybe just do one colour would have been a better option.
  7. We are still coming in. The younger guys are here in numbers.....I am at the other end of the scale at 51....Evan (Magna) you be careful out there mate. Respect to you for ther Service you are giving your country. Be safe and we will catch you when you time is finished. Got into the emulated BASS side of things of late.....nice scores on songs and older person like myself can't get close to on lead or rhythm.
  8. Gee we are spread far and wide......Still only 2 from Australia on that map above.....hmm....I have been spreading the word at work and on Facebook. May have to step up the push. :)
  9. Awesome map....added myself. Thanks mate. A whole 2 of us in Australia now. :)
  10. See now guys I am starting to feel a little on the outer here. Not a musician, can't read music, don't understand the language, but I love learning to play. Rocksmith has opened my eyes, more my ears, to the music that is out there. I listened to NEWS on the radio going to and from work, 1 hour drive each way, or I would listen to the 14,000 songs I had put on an I-Pod classic 160gb I had hard wired into the original head unit I have in my car. So, until January this year I had not heard new music.....maybe since 2000......life sort of catches you out. Now, I love the Black Keys, White Stripes, The Black Crows......the list goes on. I do hope my rather average playing is not doing their fine work a disservice, but I push Rocksmith every day.....Rhythm, Lead and Bass. (Emulated at the moment.) Tax time is coming for us here downuder and I should get some money back. Yamaha TRBX-174 is looking good.
  11. Well we are from some diverse areas, and with some interesting backgrounds. :)
  12. G'day all. I am Greg and I am from Buderim, Queensland, Australia. I turned 50 in 2013 and started to feel mortal. I have a Yamaha TRX-850 motorcycle that have had since it had 0.3 km on the odometer. I build computers for fun now....used to do it as a business. I like gaming....but I am only average at it. Towards the end of 2013 I started to feel age slipping by. So I built two new computers for myself and young William (13) here at home. I even threw in water cooling for something different.....got Battlefield4 and Call of Duty Ghosts.......xmas time......booooorrrrrrreeeed. Started to put bling all over my motorcycle....no reason....just could. Looked at it one day....and said Yukkkk what have you done. Took most of it off.......booooooooorrrreeeed. Thought that maybe I should go back and finish my studies at University. Lasted one month.......boooorrrreeed. Early January was at work and watched and listened to what some people were doing. They were talking about and playing guitar. I though to myself that I had never done music.....wanted too....but sport and being good at it got in the way. Now I am over 50 maybe it is time. Always wanted to play an electric guitar. The acoustic thing has never been for me....thinking different now. Wandered into a few music shops.....surfed the net.....my god how expensive are some of these guitars.....and then you have all the bits that go with it.....and what if I can't play and get bbbbbboooooorrrreeeddd with it......hmmmm. I finally found a group of guys right up my alley......they are in Sydney in Australia. http://www.artistguitars.com.au I bought a "fat" start and amp and bag pack delivered to my door for under $200-00. Yes it is all made in China, allegedly in their own factory. So I knew what I was getting. Now how to learn to play.....surfed some forums.....and found Rocksmith 2014. Jumped all over youtube and watched 60 day challenge videos, reviews, gamers using it, musicians using it, guitar teachers using it. Thought that this might be the tool for me. (Did a lesson as the only adult in a room of under 12 year olds....not cool.) I have been buying PS3, Mac and PC software from this place for some time now.....so headed over and they had a good price on Rocksmith 2014 with a real tone cable. http://www.ozgameshop.com I then added RS2014 to my steam account and went from there. I have since bought the original Rocksmith and the disc import tool....so have both sets of songs. I have also bought a few DLC packs....Matchbox 20, Kiss, and some individual songs. I was mucking around on Rocksmith 2014 channel on youtube and found a video of somebody playing a song they had gotten from customsforge......jumped on a browser and here I am. I did not get pointed this way....was not recommended by a friend.....just tripped over you guys on youtube. Sadly, I have since pointed my friends and some people with Rocksmith in this direction as well.....so maybe a few aussies will invade. :cool: During May 2014 I got the itch to try a better guitar.....My artist guitars strat is great.....just wanted to see what a step up would give me. Asked some friends and surfed some more. I made a choice and grabbed a Yamaha Pacifica 112V in the old violin sunburst....picture as the background header on my profile. Young William saw mine and liked it....so watched online and got him a Yamaha Pacifica 212VFM in translucent black....112V with a flame maple body veneer and headstock veneer.....looks good....better in real life than pictures.....little jealous actually. During May the daily playing of Rocksmith had led me to wanting to play when not plugged into my pc. The little amp that came with the guitar was just tooooo loud, and needed to be turned to 11 to get good sounds. Searched about and found some recommendations for a third amp....not a big stage amp, not a still loud but smaller practice amp.....but a third amp you can use inside a house, lounge, bedroom or in a study etc. I have the Yamaha THR-10 version 2 in wonderful boring beige. This is such an awesome amp....I do not do it justice and hope that I make full use of it as my skills grow. The sounds from this thing are amazing....and it runs on batteries as well as wall power. http://au.yamaha.com/en/products/musical-instruments/guitars-basses/amps/thr/thr10_v2/?mode=model#tab=product_lineup So that is me.....my rather wordy journey.....and hello. :cool:
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/htnes18blf6vnm7/DL%20Bass.jpg
  14. Yes it is on sale. 25% off is still 25% off. I just bought $33-65 worth of songs. :cool:
  15. Guys, I am in Australia....and the cheapest and easiest way to get the game and the realtone cable....yes I needed one....was from a shop in the UK.....ozgameshop. http://www.ozgameshop.com The shop has multiple listings for Rocksmith 2014.....I had to use google to work out what "SOLUS" was.....on its own.....so don't get that one if you need the reral tone cable. Was $62-99 (Australian) with the cable delivered from the UK to me. Took 14 days...should be shorter for you guys. Just looked the version I bought is now listed as $64-99 (Australian) for PC/Mac:- http://www.ozgameshop.com/pc-games/rocksmith-2014-game-with-real-tone-cable-pc The disc version comes with both PC/Mac onboard.
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