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    Hey man, 

    I thought I would let you know your Gojira - LOVE bass psarc file is no longer available or has some error going on with the download URL. I also wanted to complement you and thank you for all your work. I didn't realize how many of your songs I have used during COVID to keep me sane and get back into bass after a 8 year absence.  We have nearly the same music tastes. keep up the great work. If you have any other means to share this file I am all ears.

    bad url is below.



    Keep on Rocking man,





      nice, thx for the message... means allot to me...
      only recently restored my account, so still trying to fix up old links + gotta eventually re-submit some tracks that got taken down while i wasn't able to log in... i'm down to one bass without fret buzz atm, still have to dust it off and it's the one where i've bypassed the pots... just Direct connection lol (for a cheap bass it actually sounds better now)
      so def keen to fix up / (get fixed) my Yamaha hopefully soonish...



      other CDLC
      if that helps maybe, should be able to grab my old missing ones easily...

    3. wh1tes0x



      I managed to find it.

      Thanks again! Really do appreciate your work. 

      best wishes with getting your Yamaha fixed. 

      my 5 string Ibanez  Gio of 10 years has bass fret buzz, (neck twisted) so I picked up this Ibanez SR300E. That bass is the reason I get to enjoy your work. 




  2. Tool_Pneuma_v1 WIP_p.psarc

  3. just tried same thing with an older toolkit and i got D Standard to work finally in-game... hmm so to confirm... rstoolkit- = Bass tuning works... old version rstoolkit- = Bass tuning broken??? ... latest afaik
  4. Bass Tuning Always stuck on E Standard since updating... trying to finish v2 of Gojira - Oroborus like many of Gojira's Tracks... everything should be in D Standard... i did the usual in the tookit... the Guitars seems to work fine... but the bass is always E Standard in-game when i check.... even tried to see if it was just off by 2 steps... and tried C Standard setting for bass in the toolkit in hopes of bypassing the problem but it still came out E instead of D... :( and i've never had this issue until updating the toolkit today...
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-KxsdWX9xE
  6. i enjoy some of the Creative T40's as far as a PC 2.0 Speaker setup goes ... they are very balanced and still go fairly low Hz as a full range speaker... (Frequency Response 50Hz ~ 20kHz) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cF6QyciCmQ if you plan to use a subwoofer for more 20-50 hz then read... https://www.svsound.com/blogs/svs/tips-for-setting-the-proper-crossover-frequency-for-a-subwoofer
  7. Fire Is Everything...

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1FivSnIdNQ
  9. CLONE - Redone from scratch as an Album Audio Version :) BASS + LYRICS :)
  10. Nobuo Uematsu Black Mage Village (Guitar & BASS 24 Frets) Final Fantasy IX / FF9 E Standard QOTSANINSOADKORN 4/13/2018 385 LRB Nobuo Uematsu Black Waltz Final Fantasy IX / FF9 E Standard QOTSANINSOADKORN 9/14/2017 97 LRB Nobuo Uematsu Kuja's Theme Final Fantasy IX / FF9 E Standard QOTSANINSOADKORN 9/15/2017 119 LRB Nobuo Uematsu Dark Messenger / The Darkness Of Eternity (Trance Kuja) Final Fantasy IX / FF9 E Standard QOTSANINSOADKORN 9/21/2017 133 LRB Nobuo Uematsu Dancing Mad - Tier 2 Final Fantasy VI / FF6 E Standard QOTSANINSOADKORN 9/23/2017 103 LRB Nobuo Uematsu FF6 Opera -
  11. never realised there was a disco thread for this when i did a bunch of FF7/FF8 mainly CDLC a while ago... the list needs an update :)
  12. edited list with some of my recent efforts... Embrace The World, Over The Flows, On The BOTA... etc...
  13. PS: sorry about the Guitar Tone, which i need to fix soon for my CDLC...
  14. thanks for the making the video :) fun to watch guitarists play my CDLC, esp since i mainly play bass 99% of the time...
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