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  1. This strangely felt like a rhythm part lol. Maybe I get better at chord changes later this week, or maybe not. XD Edit: And this was a bit more fun than the "lead" part, and easier it looks like, 100% Sightread :).
  2. Hey guys, my first time doing this so I guessed I'd start at the lowest level. Had little troubles with the solo's timing at the end, I'll try later for a 99+% run, in the meantime, I guess it isn't too bad!
  3. I should be by playing with the octaves :P. He used to have a 6 string bass (When I saw them live anyways :P), Not too sure if this album was written on his "new" 9 string bass or his old bass. Very interesting musicians, love their stuff!
  4. Thanks for all the information and the testing proposal! I'll get working on that song, and will hit you in the future with a testing version. If you are curious about the song, here is a youtube link:
  5. I was wondering, is it possible to make a bonus guitar arrangement with a custom tuning to make support for a 6 string bass? There's a song that I want to do which was written for that, while I could probably arrange the tab for 4 strings (which I will probably do, for those who doesn't own a 6 string bass) I would like to support 6 string bass for those who do own it. There's a few question on that subject. 1- Are pop/slap supported on a guitar track? (There's also a song that I had in mind, that had actual pop/slap on guitar, apparently it can be done) 2- How would I do this custom tuning, what frequency should I look for? 3- How would I go testing this with a regular 6 string guitar? (On another note, if you own a 6 string bass and want to help me test this, I'll be more than happy!)
  6. Oh okey thanks, I thought there was something to set for that.
  7. This has probably been answered before but I can't seem to find an answer. I'm trying to highlight more than 4 frets on the hand positions for a tapping section and can't seem to find how. Basically here's how the section looks like: 13 - 17 - 22 - 17 - 13 ------h----T-----p----p Should be highlighted from 13 to 22
  8. I released my initial version of this song, there was already a version of it on the database but it was very incomplete so I gave a shot at making it, however I'm really bad finding stuff by ear, my version was based on a custom pro guitar upgrade that was made for RB3, but as some of you know, Rock Band doesn't support techniques and stuff. If anyone is interested at helping me making it as accurate as possible, I have made a GP5 file with the data that I have on it, and I also have the guitar stem (isolated track) if that can help you make it more accurate. The version uploaded is perfectly playable, but I feel it's missing some bends and techniques, which I cannot identify with my bad musical ears. It's also missing the ending, which was a "Big Rock Ending" on Rock Band (a place where you can play freely) and therefore wasn't tabbed. I also need a tone, and possibly a bass part (I also have isolated track for that as well). If you want to help me polish this thing, grab it on the database (just search for "Alternity" you'll find it easily), you can also ask for the stems and/or the GP5 file if you can work with that. For people that are more "ear" musicians I can work with screenshots and drawings on it (for slides, as an example), it's not a problem, no need to have knowledge on how to author/chart customs :). If this can help you identifying the bar (measure) where you find errors, I have uploaded the GP5 file on Songsterr, which has the same structure as the custom song, and also the GP file I use for it, in case you don't have access to Guitar Pro, this makes things easier for me and you. Here is the link: http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/south-park-timmy-and-the-lords-of-u-world-drum-tab-s18709t1 Thanks for any help I may get in the future!
  9. I haven't been on here for quite a while.. let's update this thread! FFIV - Battle 1 (Maltese Falcon) FFV - Clash on the Big Bridge (bernixix) FFVI - Awakening (Xstatic) FFVI - Locke (Xstatic) FFVI - Terra (Xstatic) FFVI - Celes (Xstatic) FFVI - Cyan/Cayenne (Xstatic) FFVI - Shadow (Xstatic) FFVI - Kids Run Through The City (Xstatic) FFVI - Aria De Mezzo Caraterre (Xstatic) FFVII - Farm Boy (Cactuar) FFVII - Cid's Theme (Cactuar) FFVII - Judgement Day (Cactuar) FFVII - Bombing Mission (Rockfirstlast) FFVII - Underneath the Rotting Pizza (Rockfirstlast) FFVII - Cait Sith's Theme (Rockfirstlast) FFVIII - Fisherman's Horizon (Xstatic) FFVIII - Balamb Garden (Rockfirstlast) FFVIII - Timber Owls (Deeem2031) FFIX - You're Not Alone (Xstatic) FFIX - Black Mage Village (Xstatic) FFIX - Frontier Village Dali (Xstatic) FFX - Scenery of Spira (Cactuar) FFX - A Fleeting Dream (Xstatic) Uematsu related CT - Corridors of Time (Xstatic) CT - Schala's Theme (Xstatic) CT - Peaceful Days (Xstatic) CT - Frog's Theme (Xstatic) SSBB - Opening (Marathon)
  10. I'm working with both Reaper and EoF. I must say both have good and bad sides, but personally, if pro/adv/real keys would be supported in EoF, I really doubt I'd be using Reaper.
  11. I didn't know I could do that with the wheel. Keyboard doesn't really matter now, thanks!
  12. Actually, it doesn't update at all. It would be the last key I pressed before.
  13. Hi, it's me again :P. I'm using Canadian Multilangue keyboard layout... I noticed that I can extend sustains, but I can't make them smaller... ''ç'' works (it's supposed to be ] for US) but ^ doesn't (which is [ for US).
  14. But this chart I'm making it for RS, IIRC before I could add those frets for RS. o.o
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