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  1. Just saw you message on Blaze Bayley A Work Of Anger CDLC. Thank you for you kind words! The idea came from Karl starting to do Rocksmith streams on Twitch and wanted the Blaze/Absolva songs on there so I learnt how to do it. Me and Karl are going to do all the albums Karl's on so Infinite onwards and Never A Good Day To Die onwards BUT the older songs too hopefully! I'd like to get in contact with Luke and Chris Appleton about adding their parts to the existing tracks and do their solo albums etc. Thank you for your support and they might be some new Blaze or even Absolva CDLCs in the next month or so (Hopefully! :D)

    UPDATE!: Karls started showing me the parts for songs from War Within Me and possibly Side By Side too! Guessing around late October November time the War Within Me ones would be released

    1. Berneer


      Hey Krimson Shredder!!!

      This is amazing!

      From meet and greets, I could tell Karl is a really nice guy! So is Chris. I haven't really spoken to Martin McKnee. And Blaze is just really cool. Also cool enough to provide me a tab to make Stare at The Sun CDLC.

      I really look forward to seeing your labour of love.

      These last 4 albums really need to be made into CDLC. I hope when the kids get a bit older, that I can make some. I also dream of playing What Will Come from Infintie, a Thomas Zwijsen guitar accompaniment.

      PC Plum made the whole remainder of Silicon Messiah and some Tenth Dimension, so if ever you are looking for those, just PM me and I'll send you them, since Plum's links are down.

      I love the new Maiden album, but I have to admit I love War Within Me even more.

      Best of luck. My playing is weak and sporadic but hopefully some time I can do your work justice.

      Absolva sound pretty cool too. And distinct. Amazing how Chris can write differently for two different bands. Very talented!

      Can wait to see how they'll fit 5 guys on those tiny stages they like to perform on... 🙂

      Any way cheers.


  2. Thank-you @ coldrampage It worked. I am so pleased!
  3. Anyone know how to tighten the spacing between songs in this OP. It used to look tighted but now some albums' song seems to skip lines between songs... Makes it less reader-friendly and I would like to fix it. For example when there is only one charter for a song the text behaves, but as soon as there are multiple charters, unwanted spacing occurs between lines.... but somehow Out of the Silent Planet behaves normally.... go figure.... Anyone know? Also Book of Souls and Senjutsu have spacing between lines despite there being no multiple charters...
  4. No estoy seguro de cuál es tu problema. Si se puede reproducir la mitad de su CDLC, entonces no parece un problema de novato. Publique en una sección de ayuda de este foro para obtener ayuda. Me temo que estoy muy desactualizado en mi conocimiento de las peculiaridades de Rocksmith. ¡Buena suerte!
  5. So Senjutsu just released! It's growing on me fast! After 3 listens I am already quite fond of it. I tried to be modern and simply download it from Apple Store but this time around, contrary to Book of Souls, there is no digital booklet. I really miss the booklet experience. I think I will buy the album again... Any way I will keep a watchful eye on any new Senjutsu album CDLC and link to your creations here. I have a feeling these will make awesome CDLC with so many cool riffs on the album. Thanks in advance for youe effort. P.S. I haven't had a chance to see the new contributions from August 2020 till now. Sorry if I kept you waiting. I'll check things out and update this thread's OP ASAP. Up The Irons!
  6. There exist a couple of customs, to my knowledge, in Ignition, with what you are looking for, though not preceded by the prefix “You”. Both by PC Plum (his links are all dead now but people might post their copy for you - I think that is how it works, but check forum rules first) : “History of Rock Mashup” and “Guns n Roses solos”. Great thread TomSawyer!! Good to see you out and about!
  7. Unpack CDLC. Convert extracted audio file To whatever format you like. Cozy1 even made tool to convert audio files.
  8. Hi guys and girls! Been too long. Miss you and long to spend more time with you, let alone, the guitar. Nice to see a bunch of fresh new faces here. As you'll see below, I am not a threat. :) Week 344! Yikes! That is impressive!! Thanks to our tireless organizers! I know a think or two about their labour-of-love effort, albeit on a much smaller scale. Here is my cold score in this beloved 80's masterpiece. First time I pick up a guitar in nearly 4 months and any significant playing in 3 years.... I yearn to get back into the groove. Need to find a serious job first ... :) I think I noticed you guys work in a CS class system (no more free bird?) so please feel free to neglect entering my hopefully upcoming improvements this week. Sorry I didn't have time to read any new rules or this thread. Just take my post here as a HELLO
  9. Happy Birthday Berneer!

  10. Just thought I'd say hi and happy belated 300th birthday!! Rock-on amigos!
  11. I just logged in here for the first time in a while due to RL tribulations. I am really annoyed by the ad that pops up at the bottom of this page and which reappears 5 seconds after close the previous one. Not the "Welcome back" I was hoping. Grrrrrr. Nothing gets me more angry than ads. Well ok, insurers do. :) Thanks James for all the hard work you do, BTW!!
  12. Happy Birthday Berneer!

  13. My son and I tried them. This is exactly the type of stuff I am seeking. Great thanks. This will keep us going for a while. Maybe once your son sees your daughter excelling, he’ll double back and try to outperform. Honestly I wish I had discovered RS at their age when time and brain absorbency was in abundance. In a last ditch effort to keep me playing violin, my dad promised that the girls would flock to me if I continued. I was 12. Had he said this just a couple of years later when that would’ve been more poignant, perhaps I woukdn’t always be in last place in your CS, assuming violin would’ve translated well to guitar. LOL. Anyway, you are a very good dad putting the effort for your kids like this! Plus an arcade cabinet ... coolest dad ever!! :) Awesome that you’ll add more. Cheers!
  14. Great thanks Rodman. My 6 year old will love this!! Can't believe I didn;t see this sooner. I also wanted to make CDLC for him. Then another baby was born and I was forced to abandon my plans for now. I missed the boat, now he want to play Iron Maiden's epic 18-minute song: Empire of the Clouds! I have a new respect for Dynamic Difficulty, as I watch my son play. It really motivates our kids when they level up, all the while keeping harder songs manageable. This is a great thing you've done. I look forward to trying these!! Cheers and hope your son still enjoys guitar!
  15. Hi gang, long time no posting here from me, but I try to post my mediocrity :) when I can. Lots of new faces here i don't know .. and with some serious chops! Nice to see this gang thriving!! Love this song from my fellow country-woman. I just had to make time to try it! 2nd attempt without RR'ing. I post that since i like to see the improvement throughout the week from cold to practiced, however unbecoming the cold score is ... :) Cheers and have a great week! http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/CustomsForge%20Championship/Week%20259%20-%20Week%20ending%2014Oct2018/Alannah%20Myles%20-%20Black%20Velvet%20-%20Lead%20-%20Post%202_zps3ozqxhkf.png
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