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  1. Happy Birthday Berneer!

  2. Happy Birthday Berneer!

  3. If memory serves and not being in fromt of my computer, there is no alternate attribute in XML. For my MacGyver CDLC I had “alternate lead” show up in-game simply due to the fact that I labelled two arrangements in the toolkit as lead without calling them bonus arrangements. Probably doesn’t help anything here. But in case it did I thought i’d Share. If ever you need me to check that custom I can do so. I think my metronome arrangements were labeled as alternate... prior to Remastered Max5 requirement. Cheers
  4. Yes, you are right. I just would find it slick if the game had that nice visual effect. That’s all I meant. Cheers, I’ve been away but not far away... :) Miss you guys!
  5. I would love if handshapes in the game slid frets parallel to their sliding notes to emphasize a continuous handshape is recommended ...
  6. Cool! If ever you felt it was one of those cases where a sustaining open note clouds the intent You could consider authoring per Firekorn/iminashi method. But definitely your 2nd example is rendering as expected using chordify and should be obvious enough, although it is not the sequence you show in EoF given that the fingered notes in-game appear to be on frets 4 and 5, not 1and 2. The advantage of Iminashi/firekorn method is that you would define 2 consecutive, tightly adjacent (inperceptably separated) hanshapes so the fingering would evolve as the hammer-on is meant to be played.
  7. Sorry for the delay in responding. It looks like you are using Chordify properly with the LinkNext tech notes. I don’t understand why you say one handshape is working but the other one isn’t. It seems to me like both in-game renders exhibit the same unwanted behaviour of the blue lane highlights (handshape highlights) not encapsulating the notes in the handshake. It seems to me like you need to set the time stamp at the exact millisecond of the chord in question using one of EoF’s “seek” functions, and changing the Fret Hand Position (FHP) (Ctrl+F, if memory serves) to change after the p
  8. Agree with Seph, your custom, should look how it makes you happy. ODLC is a good reference but you are the sculpter. :) Always good to see the final result. Please post an EoF screenshot and in-game screenshot of your final choices if you are ok to share. Also helpful for the next person with your question. Faster like this since not sure when I’ll be firing up Rocksmith next ... :)
  9. Good point firekorn, a new handshape would improve the fingering to cater for finger changes. I found a way to make that work with chordify with handshapes separated by 1ms, which I did for initial versions of my Blaze custom. One case where I think I would prefer Chordify is when one or a few notes of a sustaining chord contain tech notes whose exact location on the note tail are important, such as bends or stop notes. Also chordify doesn’t force the charter to make sustains. Fedro, I’d Enjoy seeing an in-game screenshot of your final choices, posted here. Been out of this for a while.
  10. I agree Firekorn that your way is good enough. I prefer chordify, but not always. If ever the sequence of notes makes it such that chordify note tails makes the chart unreadable or cumbersome, perhaps such as the sustaining open string hiding the flurry of HOPO happening underneath then I think it is warranted to tolerate the break in hand shape. For my Blaze custom intro, I opted to not use Chordify and chose to let the player’s ears guide him/her into interpreting the requirement for a sustain. Where I prefer chordify is that one doesn’t need a handshape gap, which literally would see me i
  11. Thanks. Sure PM me any time and I will try not to take too long to reply. If ever I don’t reply quickly enough I won’t feel bad that you might post in a thread for all to see. But I will try my best to help.
  12. Glad l)ark_Seph beat me to it. It seems Chordify is indeed what you were asking about since you mentioned not liking the (overlapping) note tails. The document I made that was shared above is an unfinished tutorial that is nonetheless enough to build up to and understand the concept of EoF Chordify feature. I am glad to walk you through anything about it. Firekorn and I speak French, him being from France and me from Quebec, Canada. I am intrigued by there being a counter proposal found in iminashi’s tutorial. It is on my ToRead list. Meanwhile I would be surprised if Chordify was obsolet
  13. Not sure I understand. 1. Did raynebc’s advice not work? 2. I agree a HO without preceding note is not quite universally doable but with high gain I can get good sound just hammering down my finger somewhere on the fretboard. Perhaps that is a relative to the tapping concept. 3. I am wondering if behaviour applied to one string of a chord but not others is not best handled by the chordift status, assuming you had no luck with HO tech note. Can you show us on music sheets what you are trying to accomplish. If it is chordify that will help, I will walk you through the steps since I have not ha
  14. Happy Birthday Berneer!

  15. I am not familiar with the coding in the toolkit and manipulation of the SNG files, but I believe if you set chordify status to the initial chord in your example of this post you just posted above then you should get what you want? No? I sort show this in my Example 6 on page 48 of 53 of my Microsoft Word file of the Chordify tutorial rough draft. I found your post on GitHub, but I'm afraid this is beyond my understanding though from reading it I think I understand what you mean. I will of course test all of this later on but for now I'll have to limit myself to monitoring this thread.
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