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  1. Happy Birthday Raamie!

  2. Happy Birthday Raamie!

  3. Happy Birthday Raamie!

  4. Nah bois I got it, had my father hardwire it (He is a licensed electrician) and I have another on the way too anyway, just wanted a temp fix while I wait for my 2nd hand one which I am going to extend
  5. So redone my realtone cable just to find that the breakaway usb part doesnt work, has anyone just soldered a standard USB to it so it is one long cable? I wont have to worry about it getting caught or anything as it tucks into a hole in my desk.
  6. So I have come to find that after multiple calibrations, double checking my bass and all, using my 6 string bass I cannot get some tunings to work that involve using my low B string, such as Prison Sex by Tool, it will not work.. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. tried both but I would kinda like one with the proper bass line but oh well I will re calibrate after I repaired my cable again
  8. The song 46&2 isnt picking up my bass playing the g string notes and hammerons etc properly. Am I the only one this does it with? Is there a fix?
  9. So I have all the Muse CDLC bought for me and I installed them but all the songs besides "Time is running out" are present? Why is that one song not showing up?
  10. So got me some DDT bass strings and as wondering what tuning people play them in and what would their limits before snapping be.
  11. In all seriousness I dont play guitar but my mate does and when he has to play something with long gaps between frets he uses his thumb and stretches.
  12. Nah It really only shows playing fast intense songs or chords
  13. I played guitar for a few months (music teacher forced a group of us) and that destroyed my wrist as we had to play more then we could handle, switched to bass wrist is better could play longer are harder now it hurts again after moving a VW engine months ago but now healing, jsut take you time in it all I have ADD ADHD and other mental health which isnt as bad but with those 2 I forget song and stuff so rocksmith helps me remember but I get bored and move on to harder stuff which messese my wrist more
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