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    Instruments to play: Lead guitar, Keyboard.
    Musical genres: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Grunge, Punk Rock.
    Other game genres: Fighting games, Platformers, Beat 'Em Ups, Indie games.
    Games I like: Rocksmith, Mortal Kombat X, 20XX, Samurai Warriors
    Other interests: Manga, Anime, Drawing, Art.
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    Jackson Warrior

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  1. Happy Birthday braindig!

  2. Happy Birthday braindig!

  3. Happy Birthday braindig!

  4. Well, As mentioned above, I've been playing Megadeth so you can expect these songs to be stressful at 20%. Did you know that Dave Mustaine suffered from just this type of injury once? He says that he had to pretty much learn how to play guitar all the way from the start after he recovered from his injury. EDIT: I've just looked through a few videos on YouTube regarding the matter and I realized that teachers assume that the front of the wrist (the palm side) is where it hurts. So I'd like to clarify that it's the other way around for me. It's the back of my hand that really hurts. I've noticed that I bend my wrist up quite a lot when playing barre and power chords or basically anything on the 5th or 6th string.
  5. Power Metal has power chords. Try out some Iron Maiden, Sabaton or Powerwolf. To be specific, a song that has tons of three finger power chords would be Powerwolf's "Armata Strigoi" which is available as CDLC on this site.
  6. So basically, playing faster than my body allows causes pain? I guess I should turn speed down to 75% and repeat riffs for longer before enabling acceleration. Question is - if I have the riff perfectly at 75% speed (let's say I've practiced it for one hour straight), is it safe to go up to 85%? Or if I have it perfectly at 85% is it safe to go to 95% etc...?
  7. So I've been playing a lot of Rocksmith recently. I've decided to take my ownership of three electric guitars seriously and have started playing one hour every day between 23:00 and 00:00 (I use headphones, don't worry) At first, I though that the first health issue I'll come across would be torn skin on the tips of my fingers, but since I decided to only play one hour per day, the skin just hardened, which is wonderful for guitar. My fingertips are ugly, but they're useful. I've come to realize that no matter how hard I try to keep my left wrist straight, it always hurts after playing for a while. This is especially common when I play faster and more difficult sections like Desolate Motion's intro or Tornado Of Soul's intro. After suffering from pains in my wrist I'd usually forcefully bend it backwards using my other hand and hold it in that position for around 15 seconds. That proved to reduce the pain faster. Any tips on maintaining wrist health? Also, if anyone would like to share their own guitar related health stories, tips or questions in this thread, you're very welcome to.
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