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    Just here to find CDLC that actually teaches me a song. Riff repeater friendly-songs welcome!

    Not just plays along with it. (Yes I have the "You_Exercises" already) Such an awesome group of human beings that have contributed to these Exercises.
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    Dean Vendetta 3.0, Vista (Generic 90's Korean Fender clone),Epiphone Les paul Standard Pelham Blue

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  1. I have Version (Beta) Still doing it here as well. (Ill try a newer version) *Edit I haven't been on in a month and you guys are already at ! It now works without opening the setup Exe. GREAT Job Team! Thank you!
  2. I have that same strap in the 2nd picture. Looks almost like a tattoo huh?
  3. I am using Dean custom pickups that came with my Vendetta 3.0 I also have a Pelham Blue Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Alnico classic Humbuckers in it. As far as strings go I use https://www.amazon.com/Dean-Markley-Blue-Steel-2562/dp/B000B2OS64,'>DeanMarkley Blue Steel Cryos-11-52's# They are perfect for 3x3 headstocks and versatility. And they last for a good while. I want to try: These or these .
  4. So out of the 4 or 5 lessons I did take in the beginning, I was first taught how to hold a power chord. Unfortunately it was pointer finger with loads of stress on the ring finger. I am not talking the typical 2 string power chords but the 3 string ones. Its a very bad habit and although I do know how to play using my pinky it is often harder albeit clearer sounding. (i have boxers fractures on both pinkies, left and right..one was a stop sign and the the other was a dudes jaw. That's a story for the campfire LOL) Is there a song where I can "train my fingers for battle" per say? (lots of 3 string power chords)
  5. Not bad. Better then I. Just two questions: 1: What pickup's are you using? 2: What Strings? J/W
  6. Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert, Aldean..Ill think of more.. *edit: My bad, I thought you were a RS14 CDLC creator.. I found Zack brown band and some Aldean..
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