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  1. Happy Birthday YLedbetter!

  2. Happy Birthday YLedbetter!

  3. Does anyone have the Pearl Jam Anthology? I'd like to see a sample of one of the songs before I buy it. Thanks! YLedbetter
  4. I will put together the NY CDLC Archives here. Stay tuned Neil Young Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (with Crazy Horse) After the Gold Rush Harvest Time Fades Away On the Beach Tonight's the Night Zuma (with Crazy Horse) Long May You Run (as Stills-Young Band) American Stars 'n Bars (with Crazy Horse) Comes a Time Rust Never Sleeps (with Crazy Horse) Hawks & Doves Re·ac·tor (with Crazy Horse) Trans Everybody's Rockin' (with The Shocking Pinks) Old Ways Landing on Water Life (with Crazy Horse) This Note's for You (with The Bluenotes) Freedom Ragged Glory (with Crazy Horse) Harvest Moon Sleeps with Angels (with Crazy Horse) Mirror Ball (featuring Pearl Jam) Broken Arrow (with Crazy Horse) Silver & Gold Are You Passionate? (featuring Booker T. & the M.G.'s) Greendale (with Crazy Horse) Prairie Wind Living with War Chrome Dreams II Fork in the Road Le Noise Americana (with Crazy Horse) Psychedelic Pill (with Crazy Horse) A Letter Home Storytone The Monsanto Years (with Promise of the Real) Peace Trail The Visitor (with Promise of the Real)
  5. Hey everyone! I haven't been on as much lately. I was wondering if anyone has tried out any country/bluegrassy CDLC on here. I'd like to learn a few songs because I do like the sound of some of the guitars, especially the old school stuff. I'm looking for stuff with bit more twang, not the new country-pop garbage, but I have no idea what to look for. Any suggestions? Also - I might be willing to create some CDLC if you have suggestions with good guitar pro tabs. Thanks! YLedbetter
  6. Very cool man! I hope we get to hear more!
  7. <chordNote time="144.616" linkNext="0" accent="0" bend="0" fret="127" hammerOn="0" harmonic="0" hopo="0" ignore="0" leftHand="-1" mute="0" palmMute="0" pluck="-1" pullOff="0" slap="-1" slideTo="-1" string="1" sustain="0.555" tremolo="0" harmonicPinch="0" pickDirection="0" rightHand="-1" slideUnpitchTo="128" tap="0" vibrato="0"/> Line 299 is right before the slideUnpitchTo='"128". Is this a problem since the rest of them look like they are set at -1??? Thanks for the help :)
  8. Charters! I've never seen this error. When I try to add my arrangement I get this message: Unable to get information from the arrangement XML. Your Version of the EoF is up to date? There is an error in XML document (3722, 299). I do have the latest version of EoF and already made a song a few days ago. I tried redoing the song in EoF but I had the same error. Any ideas? Thanks, YLedbetter
  9. Oh boy, can't we all just agree we have different tastes in music? You aren't going to change someones mind of what appeals to their ears. Like if someone likes olives, I'm not going to judge them because I can't stand the taste!!
  10. That sounds awesome. I try and play in front of my girlfriend but she's never into it. It's not that I'm bad she just doesn't appreciate music in that way. I would be nervous in front of a party but it's my secret fantasy that one day I will be asked to play in front of all of my friends and I'll blow their minds.
  11. Currently homeless (In a hotel) until Saturday, Sept. 6th (My move in date). I will hopefully get internet by Sept. 9th. Hang in there friends. YLedbetter will return!

    1. Attitude


      Everything ok man? We are a bit past aforementioned date.

    2. Liquidlizard


      Spend too much on Pearl Jam tix?

  12. I've been playing The Last Of Us. I am trying to go back and update the songs I did when I first started charting, that aren't up to my new standards. Hang tight!

  13. Both of those sections are optional. The tab link is a link to the guitar tablature which you can find on various sites like Ultimateguitar.com or songsterr.com. If you want to speed along the process you can look for the best tabs possible. If you're not familiar with tabs you should probably leave that to the charter. The charter link, from what I understand, is a way to link to a WIP page where the CDLC may already be in progress, or started.
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