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  1. Happy Birthday Attitude!

  2. Happy Birthday Attitude!

  3. Happy Birthday Attitude!

  4. Happy Birthday Attitude!

  5. Happy Birthday Attitude!

  6. Happy Birthday Attitude!

  7. Yep, always make sure re-encode is selected, had the same problem when the quality level got bumped up.
  8. Tux guitar works just fine for what we are doing. The only thing I have found that it can't do ( and perhaps this is user error) is convert a gpx file to gp5 . And there are online converters for that.
  9. I would swear I answered this exact same question a few days ago. http://customsforge.com/topic/10504-alternate-lead/ topics merged.
  10. Use the second real bass and make sure to change the arrangement type to rhythm or lead in EoF before you import the tab for that track. If you need more than 4 instrument tracks you can finish one and save it. Then rename that track xml in the file folder and you now have 4 more spots you can use.
  11. RS1 PS3 , until the PC version finally got released. 2014 on PC. Still have RS1 installed, but I'm not sure why.
  12. Chrome has a problem with EoF, it doesn't like it. Seriously, I'm not being a smart a#@.
  13. Amazing simply amazing. First I am grateful that the site even exists, and secondly, I'm blown away by how far it has come in such a short amount of time. Thanks to the Devs, Mods, Admins and the owner Unleashed2k for making this happen. B-) .
  14. If you already meet the above things, please answer a few questions for us so we can review them and get you your shiny red name: Why do you want to be a moderator? Simply, to better the community. I truly love teaching, and tend to try to resolve conflict by trying to umm, smooth things out ( not all issues require mods to drop the hammer ) I am trying to be an ACTIVE member of this community and have begun charting CDLC along with hanging out in the chat and trying to help people with problems they may be having. What do you bring to the Customs Forge community that is unique
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