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  1. Still using the original 2 cables I bought with the original Rocksmith for PS3. You can repair the guitar jack end, replace the end. Soldering required though.
  2. Not sure how you don't have remastered since it's an auto update through steam. Almost always when it hangs after tuning it's either, the dll is in the wrong place ( or wrong version ) or it's a song APP ID issue. Sometimes repackaging the song with the toolkit will fix stubborn songs. But if the officials aren't playing.,,,,,.
  3. "I am truly sorry, but I can't shake the feeling that the mods/admins are completely okay with the levels of disunity, distrust, and complete lack of transparency (regarding both finances and development work)" The development work is done by volunteers. So it's difficult to post progress reports, since it may stall at any point. As far as donations go, the breakdown of what it costs to keep this going has been posted. A monthly doc was being done but that unfortunately got swallowed up by the time required for other things. Myself and a few other staff members regularly kick in the funds to keep things running, no one is making money here. Not saying you are wrong in your concerns, just telling you the truth.
  4. I have purchased 2, the one that came with the PS3 version of 2011 when it first came out and anothert o be able to play multi-player, both are still going strong.
  5. Generally, and since you're on a MAC I can't say for sure, but. Using the toolkit try to prepackage the song, and make sure the app ID is for a song you have. I'm yet to be unable to get a song working if it shows up in game. I've had to do that on a few songs.
  6. It's an unfortunate side effect of learning a lot of songs. It gets really bad when you get to the point I have, where I have forgotten how to play songs I wrote. I put the guitar down for a few years and seriously, I forgot one of the songs I had written. I know it wasn't very difficult and it was probably the quickest I had ever written a complete song, it just fell into place. But for the life of me,, I can't remember the damn thing. I know I had recorded it, but my ex-wife had apparently recorded over it. It's gone, . But yeah, you will forget songs. This is why bands that have been playing songs for 20 years still rehearse the old stuff.
  7. Not sure why you would have these issues. It's a USB device. I never unplug mine and never have an issue. If it's not connected when you boot your computer it won't load the driver. As far as them not being reliable both of mine where purchased when I first got the original Rocksmith for PS3 when it first came out. Never had a problem with either of them. And even back then my computer knew what it was when I connected it.
  8. Um. Since you've done this before I'm assuming they are in the right place. Reassign the app id again. Just try it. If that doesn't work, repackage them. There are only 2 reasons they won't show up, assuming the are in the right folder, wrong APP ID or wrong format m.parsc instead of p.pasrc. but again, try to repackage the ones you are having issues with. OR you didn't allow the game to enumerate the new content. Don't add songs with the game running. If you do make sure to go to the store in game then back out. But I always close down the game when adding songs.
  9. I was made aware of this last night and we are looking into it. I don't know if that is something the charter can fix or not. If not, Mega will not be allowed to be used as a file host here. Maybe it's just a setting on the host side ?
  10. It would appear steam is still doing something based on the color of your status bar. Just a guess.
  11. I can elminate 2 of your suspects. I have latest Win 10 updates and Creative Drivers,, no issues. Maybe you can run the verify local data thing through Steam again ?
  12. Unless you have a tremelo just cut all the strings off then clean her up. I would clean the fretboard since you can get to it as well. String it up and enjoy. New strings are almost as good as new guitar day to me.
  13. Ummm,, some work. But some don't,, some play the wrong song ? No idea why this is happening. Edit,,, The ones that play the wrong song have a link to the wrong song on YouTube, the preview you are hearing is the audio from the YouTube link,, SO,, long story short if it doesn't work, it's a bad link,,, . User error on the posters part OR the link was removed ( video pulled ) for whatever reason .
  14. Fret the low E string at the 12th fret and play the note through the tuner. It should be an e if it's not, then the intonation is off. If it's an E open it will be an e at the 12th,, pretty simple..the little number behind it doesn't matter for this purpose.
  15. 8 years on my desktop. Just GPU upgrades, and SSD upgrade. And obviously OS.
  16. I can pound my CPU at 100% for hours on any system I have. If it is overheating it is a hardware issue, either dirt or bad paste. It's that simple. I'm not saying malware won't cause issues. But a fresh Windows install is not going to fix a temperature problem. If the new fan controller fixed it then it's an airflow issue.
  17. The One Drive can be turned off. I've never EVER used Outlook Express. You can still use Gmail, just go right to it online, which I did for Hotmail anyway. I'm not saying I like Bing but I've been using it for years, it works just fine. And you can run chrome instead of Cortana and those issues would be gone anyway. It's actually been the most painless upgrade I've ever done. I put 10 on my laptop and will test before I do my desktop. The desktop is a unique setup. Raided SSD's and dual gpus,, with custom profiles on them. Little nervous about messing with it.
  18. Hmm. I haven't tried downloading a custom yet. Is there not a save or save as function ? I've always clicked save as and send it where it needs to be.
  19. Put the Dx9 file here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014 same process.. When you click on the little icon in the lower left go to file explorer, then this pc. After that it's the same path. Instructions can be found here,, go with the updated dx9 file,, http://customsforge.com/topic/901-how-to-use-custom-dlcs-in-rs2014/
  20. So far easiest OS update I've ever done. It kept my Steam games in place... NICE!!!!!
  21. Also, I'll be putting Win 10 on my laptop,, so any issues with Rocksmith, EoF, or the toolkit I will hopefully find soon.
  22. Yes, but as I recall you had the same sound error,, I just don't remember what you did to fix it. Wasn't it the Rocksmith Cable Driver ?
  23. The end user cannot delete a custom. Just use the report function and a mod or admin will do it for you. Edit, never mind found it,, fixed it,,you're welcome.
  24. Yeah, it has the EMG 57/66 set. And they do sound DAMN good,, although Rocksmith seems to like the EMG 89X that's in my headless better,,. The only issue I have is note recognition with chords,, some of that could be me. In the real world through an amp they are beautiful. It's a Hellraiser Hybrid in every way, just in a color that is yet to be produced ( for the Hybrids ) according to the serial number break down it was built almost a full year before the Hybrids were released.
  25. :wub: http://i.imgur.com/oEDf6vQ.jpg :wub: Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid,, Prototype, In Black Cherry.
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