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  1. Happy Birthday raptorz3!

  2. Happy Birthday raptorz3!

  3. Hello, i have been playing bass with Rocksmith about 2.5 years. i love using the CDLC to play along with the songs. Is there a way to remove the guitar,drums or vocals from cdlc? I want to jam with my friends(experienced guitar and drummers) but the timing from the Rocksmith is always off to the speed they are playing. I would like to remove the guitar or drums or vocals and use Rocksmith as a sort of back track so they can keep time with me so we can all play along. I do not make my own CDLC's but i figured if i could open one up, i could remove some tracks. let me know. Thanks , Todd
  4. With my cable, the laptop does not recognize it anymore. I have to unplug the RT usb cable and re plug it in rapidly 10-30 times before it will work. then it states my volume is very low even though guitar settings and game settings are all the way up. I have 2 cables and they both do the same thing. I borrowed a friends cable and it works perfect. I read about replacing the jack end of the cable but I have not tried that yet. Do you think it would help?
  5. Hey guys. I want to start using the microphone option for playing Rocksmith with my Bass. Has anyone tried this yet? It says you should put the microphone near the strings. Will this work for the Bass? Should I put the microphone in front of my amp? Let me know. I wish there was just a way to use a plain usb cable from my Bass right into my laptop and not have to use the RT Cable. I have issues with the cable most of the time. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. well after hours of problem solving I found out my computer was blocking my Uplay account from connecting. I had to figure out how to get it to connect again. once I did ...wala! I am back up and running again. made my week.
  7. Hey guys. I went to play my Rocksmith 2014 pc edition and it asks me to sign into my uplay account. I put my email address and password and it asks for my cd key activation code, the same one I used for the past 6 months, but it says there was a error processing the key I entered. when I skip it, the game acts like its brand new and asks me what kind of guitar i'm using etc. if I go into my steam account, it still has all my info,hours played, level achieved etc. I'm not sure if its a uplay issue or a stem issue. unfortunately there are no phone #s to call for help and the help section for uplay and steam are useless. any ideas would be helpful. I usually play 3-4 times a week and I miss it greatly. thanks. todd
  8. I have the same problem using RS2014 on my lap top. it works fine on my PS3 but does not recognize the cable is plugged into my laptop. I can get it to work by unplugging and replugging in the USB cable to my laptop. sometime takes 15-20 times and then it finds it and say my volume is too low, I can play fine for hours and then on my next session I have to plug and unplug the cable all over again. make sure you wait a second or 2 between plug ins. good luck
  9. pour some sugar on me, sugar by maroon 5, its not unusual by tom jones, they are all easy to master and fun to play
  10. Thanks for the input guys, I was hoping it was just a setting on my pc. I went into sound settings and changed it to 100% and dvd quality....didn't help. I will continue to live with it. hasn't failed yet.
  11. Maybe I am just stubborn. some nights it will start working after a minute or two, some nights it 5-10 minutes of constant fiddling with the cable. hasn't failed 100% so far. I wish there was a better cable option or one I could buy with a long warranty.
  12. I have downloaded a number of slow songs thinking they would be easier to play in an attempt to build bass skills...WRONG! I found some of them are harder to play. but love giving them a shot anyways. some of the most challenging bass songs were by The Beatles, that Paul McCartney is an animal on the bass.
  13. Hey guys, I may be having a potential cable problem. I know the real tone cables have had issues for years, here is what I am experiencing. when I plug the cable into my pc, start Rocksmith, pick a song, it will ask me to tune my Bass and it says that the cable is not connected. now if it connect/disconnect usb then breakaway connector , unplug the guitar cable several times it starts to work. as i'm playing, it never stops working, works flawless until I unplug it, put it away, and start all over again. is this the sign of the cable starting to fail? I would think that if it was failing it would not connect at all or stop working while I'm playing. I use Rock smith with my PC, I use windows 10, my realtone gain is turned all the way up. I do use a BC Rich warlock bass that has passive pick ups. let me know what you guys think. do I just need a new cable or is it a passive pick or pc/game issue, thanks, todd
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