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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Ha! Not so much... My wife's more into punk and rock in general, so she'd be more impressed with me learning more Ramones and Sex Pistols :D I think it's more the slower tempo, and longer notes. A lot of what I like (and what I've been trying to play) is short, fast, repeated notes. Rammstein, Lindemann, the couple of Mars Volta songs I can do decently, etc. But I find that I'm more focused on nailing all the notes than I am on falling into a rhythm, or getting a feeling for why the notes are in the pattern they're in. So I'm kinda getting faster, b
  2. King Crimson. They actually toured with Tool some years ago.
  3. Hey, First, just want to say this site, in combination with Rocksmith itself, has been a wonderful thing for me. I had wanted to learn to play the bass since high school, and now 20 or so years later I'm actually learning. It's been the perfect way to unwind after 9 hours of looking at spreadsheets at work! The main point of this thread is I'm looking for recommendations for "slow" songs, preferably ones that have bass tracks. Ones currently in my collection that fit the bill include Patsy Cline's Crazy, George Michael's Kissing a Fool, and Nora Jones' Don't Know Why. Things like NIN's
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