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  1. Happy Birthday tupoloflyer!

  2. Happy Birthday tupoloflyer!

  3. Happy Birthday tupoloflyer!

  4. Happy Birthday tupoloflyer!

  5. Happy Birthday tupoloflyer!

  6. like the header says, i'm interested in finding a manual or some listing of what options are where in the program. i've been through several of the tutorials, but still find myself missing information on certain topics. it seems some of the tutorials take a lot for granted, or don't delve into areas that i'm finding issues with. some type of reference would be wonderful for me as i'm an antique that likes to look through manuals for know how, not just search and find. guess as i get older my patience for finding things is less. thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right dir
  7. Happy Birthday tupoloflyer!

  8. this household too lost a father in law to cancer this past easter sunday, so my feelings go out to those still fighting. do what you can and enjoy the time your given. i just made another donation the other day, but think i'll shoot another in tonight for the fighters out there. may not be a whole bunch but I'll add what i can.
  9. i agree, what you have done with this site, and in the short time as well, has been phenomenal. i hope we can keep this site happening as i have grown very fond of coming here, both for the new cdlc and for the wealth of information to be found in the forums. thanks so much for all of your hard work to get this set up and running so smoothly.
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