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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1397421836
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094950878/screenshot/914673519061529406
  3. i checked again today and the box for a video ad is there, but it doesn't play, so that's a good thing. not sure what the difference was, but i'm glad to bo able to look through cdlc without something running at same time. still, thanks to all involved here.
  4. apologies if this has been covered, i haven't seen direct reference to it though. when i go to the cdlc search page now i get a partial screen video advertisement at the bottom of the page. makes it difficult to look through the list as it keeps dropping to the video. can't see the entire frame to see if it's closeable, and it just keeps reloading. i've been away for a while and just noticed this. it's really annoying. i hope this isn't going to be a keeper. is this going to be part of the newer page when it comes up? regardless, thanks for all the hard work everyone puts in to make this a great site. you are vastly more appreciated than you'll know. danny
  5. i was wondering if someone could clue me in regarding the donations. when i make a donation, it shows up on the donation page as less than i submitted. are we getting hit with fees before you get the money? or is it something else?
  6. shocked_mind, now that you mention it i see that. i know when it came out last week i had a really hard time getting it to load, so i may indeed have a different version. the difference in notes didn't register when i played it. in that case, whoever is in charge of the charts, move me down please. i'd prefer to compete with same cdlc. i'm just happy to get through without a mistake. seems like every time about the same place i'd lose focus and drop a note or two. thanks for pointing that out, I missed it completely. hopefully i won't have that issue again, but if so i'll have to watch a little closer. p.s. i think i just found how to respond directly, amazing what i can find when i look around a little.
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1114802389 i can tell i need to quit working and practice more, took me all week to get through without messing up. was fun though
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1110074944
  9. "customsforgesongmanager.exe [] needs updating" shows up in the log fie, and then a pop up window comes up saying it will delete all my csfm files do i want to continue. the exact wording follows: a fatal cfsm application error has occured. you are about to delete all work files created by cfsm, including any backups of the cdls files. deletion is permenant and can not be undone. do you want to continue? when i close out the pop up window, i get the following message: master collection.count = 0 cfsm will now shut down I had updated to just after it was released and it worked wonderfully. i have been tied up with work lately and haven't had time to try much lately, so not sure if this is something that has shown up already, or a new one. thanks in advance p.s. i checked the new beta and found the newer version it is downloaded and after some messing with have it running. i don't get the message now, but i do have another question. i had downloaded the new songs for this weeks championship and checked them before bringing them into my dlc folder. the tom petty file flagged for tone name error in xml file, then said it saved it in the "corrupt" subfolder. my issue is when i look in the folder ...steam/steamapps/common/rocksmith2014/backup/remastered/corrupt... it is empty. any suggestions where i might find the file now? i know i can redownload it, but i was going to see if i could correct it. now i'm curious if cfsm finds other files are they in vapor land as well? as before thanks for any suggestions you send
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1083910534
  11. seems to have fixed my issue as well. thanks a million to all involved. i'm still having a couple things with the file renaming/subfolder setup, but that may be me not doing it right. i'll play more when i have time. but for now THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  12. ok, i managed to snag the last few entries before the message appears, hope this helps... loaded fresh song collection file.... saved song collection file... loaded saved song collection file... loaded settings file... exception(DirectoryNotFoundException): could not find a part of the path 'c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\rocksmith2014\cfsm\archives'
  13. i downloaded the (whichever you had listed above). i did not deactivate my av, and everything came in fabulous. installed cfsm, it starts going through my dlc, then hangs and gives me the "paint" message again. when it does this i cannot get back into cfsm to check the log, so i am stuck with just closing the error window which then shuts cfsm completely. i did go into the program manager and uninstall the existing cfsm, then installed the new one. this was when it started going through the dlc instead of throwing up the message right away. but deleting the existing did not seem to correct it completely. i'm getting anxious as it looks like this is getting closer and closer to being ready to run, just if we can find the hangups on this one. i'm open to suggestions btw, thanks for all your time and help on this. really do love your work
  14. your getting my hopes up... i tried downloading the .rar file without changing any of my av program, and it loads and saves. wonderful. i tried installing and the program starts up like normal, starts checking my existing dlc files, then stops with a popup box that has paint in the top left corner and the text: C:\.......\CFSM\debug.log paint cannot read this file this is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported. this also shows a paint icon on the task bar for the popup window any suggestions?? i haven't seen this one before. i tried deleting the file, but the message keeps coming back and once i red x or OK the box, it closes out cfsm. p.s. i did deactivate my av and reran the cfsm, but no change
  15. shocked mind... no need to apologize, I feel i am the one who should offer my apologies. so let me here say i did not mean to come across as i did, and i apologize for sounding that way. perhaps i have not kept my work and home life as separate as i should and let my bad day(s) at work slip in to my comments. i will try to maintain a more professional level here, and if i don't, please feel free to call me on it. "Anyway, the passive aggressive note you ended on there clearly tells me you were offended by my question, so I apologize for that." i did not take offense at your comment, although it did sound otherwise. i fear i may have included that with good intentions and poor delivery, and did not reread before posting to see how it actually sounded. i don't harbor any harsh feelings about it. i'm actually flattered to think someone considers me worthy of moving to a higher level. in reality i did mean my closing comment about your talent. i had noticed you popped up on the board recently, and you seem to be doing quite well. I know all too well about the learning curve also. i picked up my first guitar just before i turned 50, and things don't happen like they did when i was younger. i see progress after a lot of practice, and i see it slide after only a few days off. it can be frustrating for sure. regardless, I am always amazed and impressed by the talent on this site. so play on friend, and good luck with your practice. p.s. it just dawned on me to throw this in, as i am coming off a rough 30 hour shift..... if i have included something in this entry that sounds other than appreciative, it is not intended that way and is most likely because my mind and fingers may not be on the same page tonight. o.k. now i think i'm starting to ramble, time to catch some winks. thanks again to all
  16. just fyi for shocked_mind, i was trying to level up last week, although i fell short. it seems some weeks i can nail the beginner level as well as another level higher, and it looks really good. other times, like this week, i did well on the beginner level, and i can't finish the gorilla song for the life of me. and then there's the weeks that i'm happy to break 90% on anything. if i was as talented as you maybe i could be more consistant. cheers
  17. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=972069420
  18. recently i tried to go to the csfm page to report an issue with the new beta version out, and when i got there, the page kept scrolling to the bottom where the ad displays. no matter how i tried to scroll back up, it would keep pushing me down there. i ended up leaving thinking i'd come back later, but haven't yet. since then i have noticed that when i go to most any page on this site, in the lower left screen i get a white text box telling me it's looking for or retrieving or redirecting what looks like a lot of different ads or ad related. some has google in it but most roll through too fast to keep up. is this something to do with the ads on the pages? i have run all the checkers i have and nothing registers, not like the cfsm anyway, but it's slightly disconcerting to see that running in the corner. thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.
  19. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=962749081 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=962748901 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=962748942
  20. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957808122
  21. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952762070
  22. while design software is often flagged by checkers for the way they go in and out of a system, this latest version seems different. even when i shut off my protection software, i still get flagged from other software that has never flagged any of my cfsm files. also, this one hangs when you try to run it (at least for me) so there's something amiss. remember "always, never, everyone" are very encompassing phrases that often taint your point. i agree that many people have good luck with the software, i include myself here. but telling someone their software sucks because it does what it's supposed to do isn't beneficial. let's look for solutions instead. incon the standard response you will see if you look into the forum deeper is to list the files that are getting flagged in your a/v program to be skipped, that way they won't get deleted when run. also many of the a/v programs have the option to temporarily disable the checking. sometimes i will do that since my program won't let me list the files to skip. it has worked good in the past, but this latest version ( still gives me problems. that is why i agree about something different of late. if we can monitor what happens to our machines and accurately report to the ones on the other side of the keyboard, i'm sure they will come up with something soon. i am still amazed at the quality and speed that they can produce, especially since many of them don't or can't do this full time.
  23. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=945065182
  24. something i just noticed today when i tried to do load the version, it still loads the setup file.
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