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  1. kirispy, I'm used a paid AV program, not one that is free, as for tupoloflyer, I agree, we need to keep a watch on this. This site is definitely helpful and work is very obviously put on to it. I'm just bringing up the issue in hopes that it will be fixed. It doesn't help that every time this issue is brought up, it is automatically dismissed as a false flag. It is important to not dismiss issues as many others could be having them. However, i would like this to be looked into when there is time, as it seems I'm not the only one having this issue.
  2. I know many have said this is a false flag, but I do not use AVG, and I have run the file through virus total and it seems it does also detect a virus. Is there any way this could be looked in to? Many sources have also detected this Trojan, and it's automatically removed any time it is ran. Thanks.
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