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  1. Happy Birthday Van-Blurten!

  2. Happy Birthday Van-Blurten!

  3. gonna have to step aside from guitar for a bit. Started physio again for fret hand, but the dog just took a chunck outof the "webbing" between thumb and forefinger on my strumming hand :S
  4. I'm sure that made a great gift :D Have a google for patches, or make your own, again google whatever artist to get an idea of what they are using. I use this site to get some guitar patches. Like any place on the internet some will be terrible and have a great rating because someone likes the song and vice versa.
  5. First run on Adv Bass, 97%, 656 streak http://i59.tinypic.com/2j0gwoo.jpg
  6. Just took delivery of my new shiny amp :D Peavey vypyr VIP 3 First impressions, very nice, got it for an absolute steal £130 second hand, not a mark on it, some dust but that's it. Firmware needed updated and got a quick look at the editing process for PC, looks very nice... complicated but heh :D The pre-sets are a bit, hmm good but maybe over the top on some effects, lots of reverb and wah when it could have been a bit more subtle, nothing that can't be changed. The amp itself seems very good, better than I expected, it can handle electric, bass and acoustic guitars as well as violins banjos etc. lol The power sponge really works, you can attenuate it down to 1 watt and throw a tube screamer on it, sounds really good at low volumes. It doesn't weigh to much (I needed the wife to bring it upstairs) so it's easily transportable. Overall very happy with it :D http://www.hangszeraruhaz.hu/termekek/peavey-vip3.jpg
  7. Man oh man, everything seems to conspire to stop me playing, after handing in my chemistry assignment I thought great can really get some good play time in. Lasted 2 days and then I tweaked my back, so I'm now back on my feet and able to sit for 15 mins now. Anyway first runs on adv bass and int lead Bass 91% 124 streak http://i60.tinypic.com/zt7rme.jpg and int lead 78% 80 streak http://i60.tinypic.com/mcw7kj.jpg
  8. ignore the above :P Took it too SA, INT Bass, 99.75%, 699 streak :D http://i60.tinypic.com/msert0.jpg
  9. Finally, chemistry assessment handed in and my head is now returning to a "normal" state :) Had to check was playing the correct song lol Bass INT, 99% 372 streak, missed 2 notes near the start, thank god I didn't hit restart lol. http://i60.tinypic.com/2cgho9i.jpg
  10. Note recognition for me is slightly, well lots off. I saw a few misses and lates flashing when I knew I was hitting them, so decided not to play some notes, maybe 1 out of 4 notes not played (+ more?) in some sections and it gave me them lol. Anyway updated Bass int, 97% acc, 191 streak http://i58.tinypic.com/14klliu.jpg I can't get anywhere with this on lead and don't have enough time to devote to it atm, I will in all honesty probably need (or be) levelled down for lead path.
  11. Int Bass 93 %, 127 streak http://i61.tinypic.com/11jsp3b.jpg
  12. Finally got around to buying Kansas, Carry on my wayward son :D There's probably a lot more that I want, but I daren't ask the wife for more cash atm
  13. I'd say if money is a problem, get the cheapest multi effect pedal you can from ebay or a pawn shop.. I mean the absolute cheapest soab you can find. That will likely provide you with some amp sims, not a lot but enough to play about with and a few effects that are just about ok. Then you get time probably 6 months to a year to save up a little bit, if you can put away 15 dollar / euro / pound a month you should just about have enough for a very decent multi effect to replace the crap one something like Zoom B2.1U or Zoom B3 would be my preference. Then a better Amp, then guitar and finally start buying specific pedals :) Ofc it never works out like that for me :)
  14. Int lead is a disaster 71%, 55 streak sounds like 2 cats fighting in a sack :P http://i61.tinypic.com/1ragj5.jpg
  15. Slightly better run on Int bass, 97% acc, 392 streak Will put a lot more into this on bass side, quite like the song :) Not just at the minute tho... another battery bites the dust lol, my multi effects pedal batteries are all on charge too so feeling a little lost atm :P http://i60.tinypic.com/f39v69.jpg
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